Menu Changes and Foodborne Illness

I have failed you lately, so sorry!  My updates have not been frequent enough in that they are not timely with my menu, and even my pictures have been horrible!  Don’t know what course I have been on, but I haven’t been playing by the rules!  I guess that happens when you just have too much going on.  After our few days of sheer sugar bliss I have been in the mood for well, nothing.  On Monday night Jason and I were supposed to grill the beef heart I have been saving from Wild Type Ranch.  That was the plan.  But skitzo Jennifer all high on sugar forgot to defrost it.  I don’t ever forget to do things like that.  hah!  So needless to say we had to come up with another plan.  Still felt like throwing something on the grill…so we figured the next best thing to beef heart, fajitas!  haha they’re not related in the slightest, but whatever.  So fajitas it was.  We grilled ’em up, and gathered around a plethora of lettuce leaves (for taco making), grilled zucchini, sliced avocado, and a fresh tomotillo salsa I made up.  We were in heaven…until a few hours later….when it hit us.

Yup, that’s right.  We ate something bad…and usually on a post when I say we ate something bad I mean that it was sugar-filled.  This time I mean that we ate something bad, literally.  Jason actually did not make it to work yesterday he was feeling so sick.  It was awful.  I won’t go into the specifics, but he couldn’t make it into work because he had ummm…engagements elsewhere.  As for me, it had my stomach in absolute knots all day long.  It felt like someone was taking a screwdriver and twisting it over and over again in the pit of my stomach.  Now talk about bad timing — I go 27 years without having this happen, and then boom I start a food blog and I get poisoned!?  How embarrassing.  We have narrowed it down to the lettuce.  I washed it, but that’s the only thing we can think of…that or the tomotillos.  I know what some of you a-holes are thinking, “Well, if you had just eaten tacos the normal way with some warm tortillas instead of lettuce leaves this wouldn’t have happened to you!”  haha!  I hate you; leave me alone.  🙂

grilling feast

We are feeling much better today.  We are back on our A-game; however, due to our time of being down and out my Weekly Menu is not exactly up to date and it’s just going to have to change.  Being ill is not the only reason; there’s a more exciting one!!  Yesterday we shopped for a new grill.  Hell yes, you read that correctly!  Trust me it’s not as good of a grill we wish we had; and to some it’s probably still a dumb little grill but it will work for us.  It’s much larger, about twice the size of the little guy we’ve been using.  You know what a bigger grill means?  It means more heat, and more heat means…more food!  So that is really why the menu is changing.  I want to grill things.  Thursday we were originally going to have a lamb stew in the slow-cooker, but that can wait!  So what are we going to get to break in our new grill?  Why, what else?…steaks of course!  Steaks are the best.  As far as what cut of steak…that you will have to wait and find out.  Let’s just say our friend Kyle, who is typically over on Thursday nights for dinner, will be shelling out his mom and dad’s hard-earned cash to put in on it.  I’m kidding Kyle; we don’t care where the money comes from, haha.  Yeah, so that should be exciting, and I will try to take some good pictures of our grilling experience.

So the Weekly Menu has changed, and one thing was added that I have to tell ya about real quick.  Monday morning I decided to finally make my huge crock-pot full of homemade bone broth.  I had mentioned in a few posts that I have been saving up bones for this.  Well, I had a lot of bones!  It was perfect timing too because after we got sick Monday night, we had the bone broth to sip on Tuesday when real food didn’t sound too good.  Are you grossed out?  I will be honest here — when I first read about broth being made from bones I was a little weirded out, but I think it was because it was something I had never thought of before.  I know chicken broth is typically made with the whole chicken carcass, so why would this be any different?  Well my bone broth is a mixture of so many things lol.  We’ve got some beef bones in there, lamb bones, and some pork bones as well.  Anyway, here’s a link to some information on why you should be drinking or at least using bone broth.  You actually don’t have to drink it, the minerals that you get from it don’t die after being heated up over and over again…they’re there, so just throw it in soups or deglaze pans with it, whatever.  I have mentioned some of these things in a previous post, but in case you missed it here’s why you should drink bone broth.   I actually followed the recipe found in that link, and it worked great.  I took a thermos full of this broth to work yesterday hoping it would calm my churning stomach, and I will also be using it to deglaze my pan this morning for some sauce I am making to pour over beef cutlets.

bone collection

Here’s my quick video clip to show you what your bone broth should look like once it has cooled.

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