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Hello everyone!  I am so pleased to announce that I am a couple months shy of my 2-year anniversary with natural hair care.  It has been quite a journey.  If it weren’t for my persistence and determination it would have been easy to give up a long time ago!  I have to admit that the Morrocco Method hair care line really helped me reach the finish line.


About my Journey & MM

To get you up to speed – you should read more about the start of my natural hair care journey.  I came to Morrocco Method looking for help.  The no-poo process that I had adapted (and everyone swore by) was not working for me.  I acknowledge that some folks have had a good experience with it, but it just wasn’t right for me.  The no-poo method (using only baking soda & apple cider vinegar) not only left me desperately waiting for results, but it damaged my hair and irritated my scalp very badly.  Morrocco Method focuses strongly on nourishing your hair and scalp.  They understand and encourage you to “feed” your hair with live nutrition.  Their process of restoring your hair and scalp intrigued me, because it was based on principles that no other hair care company promotes.

I started my MM hair care routine by rotating all 5 of their shampoos.  After just a week I noticed positive results with my scalp.  The inflammation had subsided and I knew that with continued use I could truly transform my hair — to being much more nourished, much healthier, much stronger.

As part of any journey you experience ups and downs — and your goals change accordingly.  When I started using MM my primary focus was not on beauty — I had some healing to do.  Once my scalp had fully healed and I knew my sebaceous glands were balanced and on cue I wanted to move towards nourishing my hair even more.  What did that entail?  Conditioning.

Morrocco Method emphasizes that healthy hair has to start at the scalp.  It makes sense — your hair can be compared to anything else that grows…anything else that has roots.  You have to plant in nourished soil.  Your hair is not different.  So, that takes care of new hair growth — but what about the hair you already have?

One of my personal goals was that I wanted length.  While working on my hair I did not want to sacrifice how long it was; in fact, I wanted it even longer.  My hair had become thicker and needed some manageability.  I knew that I needed to condition the length of my hair so I decided to invest in two Morrocco Method conditioners to start.


Pearl Essence Cream Rinse

Pearl Essence Cream Rinse

This conditioner works to eliminate extremely dry hair by continuing to balance your scalp’s pH.  I primarily chose this one because while I wanted to soften my hair — I didn’t want to weigh it down.  While my hair had gained some thickness — it was still somewhat fine and thin.  I knew that the cream rinse would be just perfect.  I wasn’t surprised when my hair felt silky and smooth after just a few applications.  I like to put this conditioner on just the length of my hair, focusing the most on the ends.  Sometimes I leave it in for 3-5 minutes for deep conditioning, but it is not necessary.  This winter has confirmed how special this conditioner is.  Usually every winter season I suffer from static because my hair has been so dry.  This winter I was able to run my fingers through my hair with no issues and that blew me away.  My hair is truly nourished and truly conditioned — more than ever before.

The Pearl Essence Cream Rinse is made with aloe, shea butter, gray clay, and a variety of oils and extracts.  By the way — it smells amazing and I use it as shave cream, too!


Sapphire Volumizer Conditioner Spray

sapphire volumizer mist

To my regular washing and conditioning routine — I wanted to take it one step further and have something that I could use as a leave-in treatment.  You can use this spray to help with tangles when your hair is wet or dry.  It makes combing your hair a lot easier and you can ensure that you’re not doing any damage from rough treatment.  This spray is enhanced with natural grapeseed extract which makes your hair look fuller, and continues to help you work towards your thickening goals.  What I love most about this spray is that it is super lightweight.  Having thinner hair I didn’t want to have a spray that suddenly made my hair look like it needed to be washed!  It is lightweight, but it leaves your hair deeply moisturized.

This spray is light enough that you can even use it as a facial moisturizer!  It has a pleasing scent with thyme and lemon oil — perfect for a light refreshment.

I feel very confident recommending these conditioners (as well as the entire MM hair care line) to my readers because I have witnessed personally how they have transformed my hair.  I am looking forward to experiencing other MM conditioners in the future and intend to review those as well.


If you’re interested in conditioning your hair, but not sure which would suit you best — Morrocco Method offers a trial set that may be your answer. The set includes my reviewed Pearl Essence Cream Rinse, Sapphire Volumizer Spray, as well as their Diamond Crystal Mist, Floating Lotus Conditioner, Euro Natural Oil, and Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy.  All 5 conditioners in a zippered tote — perfect way to try ’em all!


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