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Weekly Menu Planning

You can ask anyone with a specific dietary lifestyle how they get through the week — and the key is planning.  As much as it may pain you to sit down with some paper, or some cool grocery list app on your phone — it must be done if you want to stay compliant.  Creating a […]

Weekly Menu 5/5 – 5/13

How do you guys shop for groceries?  Do you shop on days when money is available?  On your days away from work?  How about a weekly routine — every Saturday morning?  For my household it’s pretty sporadic.  I shop on days that I am off and that can result to any day of the week.  […]

Weekly Menu & Whole30 Day 29

I know what you’re thinking…we gave up on the Whole30.  Nah, didn’t give up on it…just gave up on blogging about it.  I got lazy in my picture taking and honestly my schedule with work just hasn’t allowed me to give much attention towards food.  Over the last 6 days I have had a lot […]

Menu Changes and Foodborne Illness

I have failed you lately, so sorry!  My updates have not been frequent enough in that they are not timely with my menu, and even my pictures have been horrible!  Don’t know what course I have been on, but I haven’t been playing by the rules!  I guess that happens when you just have too […]

Weekly Menu 3/5 – 3/11

Alrighty folks — the moment of truth.  What the hell are you going to be eating all week?  Well, I’ve got mine figured out…and the sad thing is, I look at so many cookbooks and read so many cooking blogs that I already have ideas for the week after this one.  Yikes!  No wonder I […]

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