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Bratwurst & German No-Potato Salad

Who’s tired of salads?!  Not me!  We have had such a great week.  It was so nice coming home from a long day of work and just throwing a quick salad together.  I hope all of you have tried some of these out.  I’ve got yet another one for you today.  Still running a little […]

Florentine-Style Strip Steaks with Smoky Roasted Turnips

This week is all about simplicity.  I want to do as little as possible when it comes to cooking.  I will not try to pull the wool over your eyes — eating right and making health a priority is not always easy.  It is easy to make healthy choices, sure, but it’s all the stuff […]

Turnip, Asparagus & Mushroom Hash

Can you honestly say that you get enough vegetables?  If you eat a vegetable at dinner, even if it’s a wide variety…that’s not enough.  You say you love vegetables and you can name off all the ones that you enjoy…but do you really eat them enough?  There’s a strong chance that this is not the […]

Turnip Hashbrowns

I am off from work today!!  Yessssssss!  It’s funny how much I cherish these days.  It’s not that my job is all that bad or that I hate being there; I just love being home and doing the things that I love.  Of course that includes cooking.  Today is no exception!!  For anyone following my […]

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