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Whole30 Day “I freakin’ Lost Count”

ha ha ha…where the hell have I been?  I have to be the worst Whole30 blogger on the face of the planet.  Luckily I have taken a few snapshots of things I have eaten along the way…so I’m not too lost.  I do know that currently I am on day 22.  Another thing I know for certain […]

Whole30 Day 17 & Troubleshooting Why I am so Freakin’ Tired.

Is it day 17?  Did I skip a day?  No.  I am pretty certain I am blogging about day 17 — today is Day 18, but you know me…I back-track often.  With the way work has been lately — I swear I am surprised I know the difference between shit and wild honey.  My days […]

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