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Braised Chuck Steak

Every week I look for steaks at the grocery store.  They are my favorite to minimally season and cook up quickly in my cast-iron.  My last grocery trip; however, was made slightly sour when I realized that all of their steaks looked like garbage.  Yeah, you guessed it — I’m one of those shoppers that totally blocks and hogs […]

Roasted Fennel & Steak Salad

I can’t think of a single thing to not like about this recipe.  If you like salad and you like steak — I’ve got a winner for you.  This hearty salad is really beautiful and doesn’t take much time to prepare.  In our home we generally shoot for one salad a week that is a […]

Steak Salad with Roasted Beets

Anyone who thinks that salads are boring — hasn’t had an awesome salad!  Well, let me assure you that this new salad recipe is FAR from boring.  It is loaded with flavor, has great texture, and is a completely balanced meal.  What more could you ask for in a salad?

Whole30 Days 7 & 8

I have been slacking off in the blogging world again.  I think this suits my schedule though…updating two days at a time.  Tonight marks Day 8 of our Whole30, and I mentioned to Jason earlier that I can really tell a difference.  My energy levels are good and any cravings, whether they be mental or […]

Whole30 Day 6 and Gorging on Meat

Okay so remember earlier I said that we were too poor to eat steak?  Well….  let’s just say when I’m really craving something I find a way.  I have seriously gorged on meat today…but eh, worse things have happened.

Broiled Asparagus & Steak Salad with Hoisin Vinaigrette

Oh my Lordy.  This salad was outstanding.  I’m done.  There’s no reason to continue this entire week making salads…because no salad will compare.  I’m kidding!  Not about how amazing this salad is, but of course I am not done yet.  I promised ya’ll a week of Meal Deal Salads and I plan to deliver.  I […]

Grilled Round Steak with Blackberry Marinade

I’ve been naughty folks.  If I had to guess it’s due to my days back at work and poor sleep.  The biggest issue is my tiredness.  I have been having a hard time going out of my way to do things, and that’s not like me.  I am usually constantly on the go go go […]

Smokey Lime Ribeye Steaks

I made my Smokey Lime Ribeye steaks for dinner, and we had nothing else.  Just steak.  When a steak is that good, you just don’t need anything on the side.  Jason woke up from his nap kind of late; I had the ice cream cooling in the refrigerator, and I just didn’t want to make […]

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