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Braised Chuck Steak

Every week I look for steaks at the grocery store.  They are my favorite to minimally season and cook up quickly in my cast-iron.  My last grocery trip; however, was made slightly sour when I realized that all of their steaks looked like garbage.  Yeah, you guessed it — I’m one of those shoppers that totally blocks and hogs […]

Paleo Carne Guisada

Hello all!  One of my all-time favorite Mexican dishes is carne guisada — it is basically beef stew meat that is slow cooked with spices in a gravy.  While carne guisada has always been a go-to dish for me I have stayed away from it for the last few years.  I adore a good carne […]

Crockpot 7-Bone Roast

I don’t know what makes 7-bone roasts my favorite, but I hold a special place in my heart for them.  This roast comes from the shoulder area of the animal, and along with other cuts from the chuck section — they are usually pretty tough.  Not too tough for my slow-cooker to handle!  Haha, funny story actually.  I was telling a […]

Slow-Cooked Pineapple Pork Ribs

Well, it is officially our last day to include any sort of fruit at mealtime.  Might as well go all out and make it one of the sweetest of all!  Had another day off today, the third this week, which is not a good thing.  I actually wanted to stay in bed all day long […]

Menu Changes and Foodborne Illness

I have failed you lately, so sorry!  My updates have not been frequent enough in that they are not timely with my menu, and even my pictures have been horrible!  Don’t know what course I have been on, but I haven’t been playing by the rules!  I guess that happens when you just have too […]

Hungarian Beef Goulash

Have I ever mentioned what spice I love most?  Gosh…it can be hard to choose, but I hold a very special place in my heart for paprika.  Paprika is really just ground up dried bell peppers, but it goes so well with a wide variety of dishes.  I love using paprika on not only meat […]

Well, Shank You!

This post is all about shanks.  One of my favorite things, and I have posted recipes for both lamb shanks and beef shanks on here before.  Thing is, I hardly eat the same thing twice!  I like to make them differently every time, even if it’s just a minor change.  You never know what will […]

Slow Cooker Stuffed Beef Heart

Well folks, today was the big day!  Finally cooked the beef heart I scored a week or so ago.  I was ready to dive into that sucker the moment I bought it; however, I had never cooked one before and really wanted to do some research.  I looked over a few recipes — none of which really did […]

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Well, another day off and it was a wonderful one.  I have really enjoyed my days off lately because after years and years and years of working I finally came to the realization that you’re not supposed to do anything on those days.  In the past I have done endless loads of laundry, cleaned all […]

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