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Chipotle Albondigas Soup

What a day!  Today was very special because I actually didn’t make any food!  That hardly ever happens.  Once in a blue moon, really.  I did make a quick breakfast this morning, but that was it.  So as I have mentioned before Jason and I never go out to eat…it’s been months since we’ve seen […]

Dijon Pork Chops over Sauteed Red Cabbage with Apples

Today is one of those days where neither Jason or I got enough sleep last night and by 4 pm we are totally talking crap to each other.  Needless to say I am actually blogging from my bed right now…at 8:35 pm.  Yup, that’s how big of losers we are.  We do live a very […]

Apple & Bacon Pork Rosemary Burgers with Roasted Green Beans

Tonight’s dinner was the epitome of sweet meets savory.  Sweet?…meet Savory, and be best buds forever.  That was my formal introduction – and you stood in as a witness, yay you!  These little pork burgers were amazing, and could have easily been confused for breakfast sausage patties because both have the same kinda flavor combo […]

Sausage & Spaghetti Squash Bake

So many things…don’t know where to start!  Well, good news or bad news first?  Only one bout of bad news — that is, I did indeed get some sort of “sickness.”  Aye…it happened in the middle of the night.  Sure enough.  Woke up and stopped up city — both nostrils 100% blocked, sweaty neck, sore […]

Stuffed Pepper Breakfast

By far my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  Morning is the BEST time out of the entire day — when things are new, fresh, cortisol levels are nice and high and you’re just up for anything.  Maybe that’s why I always feel creative when it comes to breakfast food, most of the creations I […]

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