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Spicy Beans with Kielbasa Sausage

I remember when I first started a Paleo diet — beans were completely shunned!  Strict Paleo eaters will still say beans are a no, no.  But me?  Well, I’m from Texas — aaaaaaaannnnd we love our beans.  SPICY…beans?…even more so.

Kale & Apple Salad with Cracked Black Pepper Dressing

The other day Jason and I visited The Cheesecake Factory and I had…you guessed it…cheesecake!  But that’s not all.  Despite how incredible their cheesecake is — the real highlight of my lunch was a kale salad.

Bacon, Kale & Mushroom Pizza

If you ever feel the desire to experiment in the kitchen — pizza is the way to do it!  You can literally use your crust as a blank slate, and just have a good time with it.  Sometimes Jason and I like to each take one and do our own thing with it — then […]

Paleo Comfort Foods: Shada’s Kale Salad

So as most of you have noticed, I am sure…I have been on a real Fall kick lately.  Oh, it’s only the beginning folks.  I made a Fall recipe last night from one of my favorite Paleo cookbooks —  “Paleo Comfort Foods” written by Julie & Charles Mayfield.  It is an excellent book for all things comforting!  […]

EDP: Kale and Parsnip Saute

You know, I am certain of one thing…  that one thing is that eating the kind of food I do is what truly keeps me going.  I know that I am no exception when it comes to a busy lifestyle, but I often find myself wondering where the heck are all the hours going!?  It has not […]

Just Another Shank Recipe

I have blogged about shanks before, so many times before.  Beef, veal, and lamb shanks!  What can I say?…I love them!  This particular recipe is different for two reasons.  Well, actually three reasons.  One:  These shanks spent all day in my slow-cooker.  If I am not mistaken, the only time I have prepared shanks in […]

Chicken & Fennel Stew

Posting this one a little late; closing shifts always throw me off.  This is the meal I made before work yesterday that Jason ate for lunch and I took for my dinner.  You probably think I am just saying it, but it was amazingly good.  I don’t usually cook with fennel, other than throwing it […]

Sausage & Spaghetti Squash Bake

So many things…don’t know where to start!  Well, good news or bad news first?  Only one bout of bad news — that is, I did indeed get some sort of “sickness.”  Aye…it happened in the middle of the night.  Sure enough.  Woke up and stopped up city — both nostrils 100% blocked, sweaty neck, sore […]

Ginger Citrus Skillet

Today was a working day, and long working days call for quick skillet meals.  I can’t take credit for this one.  This is one of our favorite recipes from Sarah Fragoso’s book Everyday Paleo.  What’s really nice about this meal is that you can substitute lots of ingredients and spices in to fit the needs […]

Puerto Rican Beef over Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Today was a very exciting day.  My very good friend Kyle unveiled my new blog site.  Let’s just say I am the chef and HE is my computer guy.  🙂  The Paleo Prize has an all new look, and it’s much more in tone with what my vision was.   Of course, as with every Tuesday, […]

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