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Paleo Perfectionism & Strawberries!!

I can eat fruit again!!  Holy cow I didn’t think I would miss it that much.  It’s funny how you get used to tossin’ a few blueberries in your salad or snacking on an apple with almond butter after dinner…then, when you aren’t eating those things you realize something in your world is missing!!  Of […]

Cinnamon Parsnip Cookies with Coconut Butter Drizzle

Today is day 15 everyone!!  We are seeing an end in sight, and I gotta tell ya — I’m excited about it.  I don’t know WHAT it is about this time — but this is the hardest 21 DSD I have ever done!  The last time I went without fruit/sugar/etc. I made a whole 30 days […]

Paleo Grain-NO-La La La La! with Cinnamon and Coconut Milk

Alright so here’s the topic of discussion:  will-power.  I have mentioned it before when covering treat meals and things like that.  I’d have to say Jason and I do a very decent job overall at sticking to our guns.  Most of the time I am fine with making my meals and doing without, but typically […]

Bacon-Wrapped Roast Beef with Roasted Coconut Acorn Squash

Movie date night was finally a success!  Jason and I watched The Hunger Games, along with everyone else on this planet.  I swear, while ordering the tickets you couldn’t even browse online without seeing something about it.  Is it worth all the hype?  Well, it’s pretty darn good.  It’s good in that it’s different; the […]

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