Weekly Menu 6/10 – 6/15

It is truly a day of celebration!  Let’s see here…no work, and its grocery day!  It doesn’t get much better in my book.  Oh, wait…it does.  I get to shop for a new slow cooker today.  It’s kinda fun when appliances break on you.  I had a beautiful little chicken all seasoned and ready to go in my crockpot the other day.  Set it on low, went to work, and upon my return 8 hours later…my little chicken was a raw chicken.  So sad!  Not only did my chicken not fulfill it’s destiny, my crockpot was broken, and we had no dinner!  Ahh, well…worse things have happened. 

Okay, so this is day 7 of our 21 Day Sugar Detox.  DAY 7…THAT’S ONE WEEK PEOPLE!  It’s still not easy.  The cravings still remain, and all I can say is my willpower has kept them at bay.  I believe in eating good food; I believe in eating food that is going to fuel my body – not destroy it.  I believe in eating foods that will keep illness away and foods that will keep me here with my loved ones for a long time.  I believe in eating foods that come from good quality sources.  I believe that the food I make in my own little kitchen that is sometimes ill-equipped is better for me than a quick fix at any street corner.  I say ill-equipped…but really it’s just small…though it is quaint.  I only have one electrical outlet and all things must share.  The microwave, coffee pot, slow cooker, blender, and food processor all take their turn…but we get it done.  It takes a lot of effort to constantly cook for yourself…to find the motivation to make a meal after a long day can be challenging…but you know, it keeps me in check.  This world is too easy.  It’s stressful at times, but we are so incredibly blessed.  All of us with our smart phones, central air, and on-line shopping…make at least your eating habits as basic as they’re designed to be.  Cook for yourself; care for yourself…you’ll be surprised how rewarding it can be.  We still have 2 weeks to go – completely sugar-free.  We can do it.  You can do it, too. 

It is funny how every time you try to let go of something…the universe tries to hand it back.  For example, the other day (I believe it was around day 4 — an early day of struggle) I was picking up some Americanos from Starbucks for Jason and myself.  Well, for those of you that don’t know…Starbucks sells cheesecake.  Not just any cheesecake — they sell Cheesecake Factory cheesecake.  Not only by the slice, but entire cakes.  These things are huge — they would last normal couples over a week of dessert — Jason and I about 2 days…  anyway…  so I’m picking up the Americanos and the cashier hands me my receipt.  At the top it reads in bold capital letters:  LIMITED TIME ONLY:  $10.00 OFF ANY WHOLE CHEESECAKE.  Can you believe this bullshit?  First off, do you understand what a great deal that is?  Secondly, how is that even fair to present that option to me on DAY 4?  Day 20 maybe…but day 4?  C’mon now.  I still have the receipt…it’s folded up in my wallet.  The limited time only part?…well it ends before our detox is over.  So, it’s not going to happen.  We’re not going to do it…but I still have the receipt.  That’s all I’m going to say. 

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted a weekly menu.  This one is not themed in any way other than that I formed recipes around meat that I already have to try to save on some money.  Still moving through the veal that we ordered with Wild Type Ranch, and we have actually placed another order a few days ago.  We are also looking into placing an order with US Wellness Meats.  That in itself deserves another post so that will have to wait.  All of this week’s meals are super simple so I probably won’t post all of them as they’re made.  At any rate I’m listing what we’re eating so you can get an idea of how we’re doing on this detox during the second week.

If there’s a particular day that sounds good and I don’t write about it – just let me know and I will be happy to oblige. 

Sunday:  Spicy Tuna Steaks with Balsamic Reduction and Sautéed Cabbage

Monday:  Herb-Roasted Chicken & Cauliflower with a Lemon-Mustard Dressing

Tuesday:  New York Strip Steaks with Avocado Salsa & Roasted Broccoli with a toasted Garlic & Coriander Oil

Wednesday:  Dry Rub Burgers with Salad

Thursday:  Crockpot Veal Shoulder Roast with Turnips & Parsnips

Friday:  Veal Osso Buco with Salad

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