Breakfast for Dinner (5/15 – 5/18)

So over the last week we have eaten an array of vegetables and greens to accommodate our themed weekly menu of Meal Deal Salads.  Well, I’m done with the veggies.  We’re going in a completely different direction.  For the first time, since I can remember, my list of produce items was less than 10.  We’re heading into a world of protein and fat — perfectly suited for your first meal of the day.  The only catch is that we’re not having them first thing — we’re having Breakfast for Dinner.

This theme was perfectly chosen for this week, for two reasons.  One, it is going to be a short week as Jason and I are flying out to California in a few days.  Secondly, with our mini vacation near I wanted to do everything I could to save some money.  Gotta buy those souvenirs!  Anyway, I gave some careful thought to what I could do to cut down costs.  Well, if you’re looking for good quality protein that’s cheap I have got the solution for you.  Eggs.  Even the better quality eggs that come from free-range vegetarian fed chickens are cheaper than most cuts of meat.  That’s when breakfast came to mind.  Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner!?

Another highlight of this weekly menu is that it gives folks a chance to see what healthier options they have for breakfast.  I think it’s pretty common nowadays for people to look for breakfasts they can take on the go.  The problem with that is it typically leads to bad choices.  If you’re grabbing granola bars, pop-tarts, or glazed donuts (you know who you are), then that’s not a great way to start your day.  I understand the need for quick food — grabbing some fruit, nuts, or hardboiled eggs would be a better option.  But we’re not going to have that for dinner…we’re going to touch the breakfast classics.  I am going to show you that you don’t have to give up things you love for breakfast to follow a Paleo lifestyle.  I only wish I had more than four days because breakfast is truly my favorite meal of the day — breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Tuesday:  Turnip Hashbrowns with Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Wednesday:  Southwestern Frittata

Thursday:  Blueberry Pancakes

Saturday:  Breakfast Burritos

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