Meal-Deal Salads (5/7 – 5/13)

I must say I was surprised when so many voters were in favor of salads all week long!  I was not at all disappointed in the turn out.  Salads are often my go-to type of meal, whether it be for lunch or dinner.  If you rarely consider salads for dinner consider these benefits:  1.) they’re easy to prepare  2.)  they can be completed quickly  3.)  they are cost-efficient, and 4.)  my favorite reason — they are super nutrient dense.

There is no better way to intake vitamins and minerals than in their raw form.  Salads are great because their ingredients are so fresh.  Speaking of getting nutrients quickly — I happen to know someone who has been juicing.  Juicing means that for most meals he drinks, yup you guessed it, juice!  To juice like a professional you must have a good quality juicer.  These things are not cheap!  He buys all sorts of fruits and veggies…from kale to blueberries…from mangos to radishes…and then simply drinks their juice.  It is a great way to get adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables, not to mention you receive their nutrients in a form that your body can handle and use right away.  That sounds great at all, but I gotta tell ya — I love food way too much to drink it.  He has been asking me for weeks to start juicing, but then I imagine taking pictures daily of juice for my blog and I think nah…that’s not for me!  I admit that some of the salads I decided on are not raw; they’re cooked and served warm, but I wanted to provide some variety.

Along with warm vs cold I have thrown in a few different cooking methods as well as a variety of greens, flavors, and meat choices.  Salads can really be as simple as throwing together what you have on hand and adding some meat on top…but these salads are legit.  I want you to eat well…  I want you to enjoy the food that is fueling your body with nutrients that will help keep you well.  If you are eating food that is not good for your body; if you are still stuck in the rut of picking up fast food to get nourishment quickly — rethink your week.  Make these salads with me instead.  I promise you that they will make you feel healthier in one week’s time.

If you don’t have a certain ingredient I may use, so what?  Leave it out.  If I mention that I grill my cut of meat but you don’t have a grill?…so what…broil it instead.  Find ways around the recipes…forget the specifics.  Eat well with me.  Start tomorrow.


Monday:  Smoked Shrimp with Spring Time Slaw

Tuesday:  Broiled Asparagus & Steak Salad with Hoisin Vinaigrette

Wednesday:  Asian Pork Salad with Sesame-Ginger Dressing

Thursday:  Avocado, Fennel, & Grapefruit Salad with Shrimp

Friday:  Steak Salad with Pineapple-Ginger Dressing

Saturday:  Bratwurst & German No-Potato Salad

Sunday:  Roasted Vegetable Salad with Chicken & Goat Feta

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