Paleo Diet: Amazing Results

Good morning all!  I promised you pictures of our Jamaican Jerk Salmon…well, I am here to kind of half deliver.  I did take some pictures of it while it was on the grill, but I did not get any shots of the finished product.  I know; I failed you.  Jason and I were fortunate enough to have his mother for dinner as well as our usual Tuesday guest, Kyle.  What can I say…when you have a house full of guests for dinner you can’t focus on taking pictures of all the food.  Unless you want them to think you’re totally weird.  Anyway, I do have a few shots for you.

Jamaican Jerk Salmon on the grill

As you can see — this flavorful salmon is being cooked on our latest addition of grill equipment!  We picked us up a fish plate…of course we can use it for more than just fish.  We plan to put all sorts of vegetables on it as well.  We are READY FOR SUMMER now, oh yeah.  Now if only our bodies were sculpted perfectly, we could sit around the pool like badasses.  Ahh well, one thing at a time.

Along with the salmon I made some Grilled Curry Shrimp from the Food Lover’s website.  I have made these before — in sort of my own way because I was lacking red palm oil.  You’ll find red palm oil required in a lot of the Food Lover’s recipes, but I could never get a hold of some!  “What’s so special about it,” you ask?  Well, read this article about palm oils on Mark’s Daily Apple.  His article actually states that he knows Whole Foods carries this oil — haha, well Mark, not the one I went to!  During our last trip to Dallas we searched the aisles up and down for this wonderful oil.  We even asked for assistance!  The associates at Whole Foods were very nice and seemed interested in the product but they had neither heard of the stuff, nor were they able to help us locate it.  Weeks later my dear sister-in-law, Tanya, found it for me…at a little hole in the wall place, I believe.  I guess she’s going to have to be my main supplier for the stuff.  Every time a visit is scheduled I hope to have some red palm oil with a big bow around it.  Hah!  I hope Tanya reads this so the message gets to her successfully.

Me posing with my long lost love Red Palm Oil

Okay so time to get serious.  The real reason for this post was to talk about something really special that happened.  I am not allowed to mention this individual’s name, but someone very near and dear to me recently went through some changes.  This person was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago, and since then has relentlessly tried to get his diet under control.  When he found out he had diabetes he quickly dropped all the refined foods, and all the boxed crap that is basically poison.  With a disease like diabetes; however, sometimes that’s just not enough.  As time went on foods started to creep their way back in.  When you have diabetes I think it is easy to get in the “sugar-free” rut.  Making sure all the products you buy at the store have that classic phrase, “sugar-free.”  So that means you pick up the sugar-free cookies, and sugar-free ice creams, eat your bread as long as it’s whole-wheat and blah, blah, blah.  It’s kind of the same fad that’s going on with all of this “gluten-free” hype.  Those that have been diagnosed with celiac disease feel that as long as the package reads “gluten-free” that they’re good to go.  The thing is; it doesn’t matter.  It’s just an advertisement.  Sugar-free doesn’t mean “good for you.”  In fact, it real terms it means, “worse for you.”  Same thing goes for “gluten-free”….gluten-free marked products don’t necessarily equate to “I’m healthy.”  The key is you want real food.  REAL.  FOOD.  I don’t know how else to spell it out.  Anyway, this individual decided to try the Paleo thing.  Not full blown, but about 80/20.  Well, why the hell not!  This change began in early February.  This change involved no bread.  No rice.  No pasta.  No sweets at all, especially not ones marked “sugar-free.”  What did this individual eat?  Well, he ate foods that humans are engineered to eat.  Meat, vegetables, fruits, and fats.  Guess what!?  I say this with great pleasure…  he went to a check-up yesterday, and let’s just say the doctor had to ask, “what are you doing!?”  At a previous appointment this individual weighed in at 263 pounds.  He is now at 237.  And…wait for it…what about his diabetes?…reversed.  After testing his blood sugar it was determined that he had done it.  He practically  healed himself with food.  His doctor, though flabbergasted, gave him a thumb’s up.  His doctor told him that if he felt comfortable with it, he could slowly ween himself off medication.  Isn’t that amazing?  THAT, my friends, is what real natural food can do.  Let go of the refined goods, let go of all the inflammation from grains, let go of the horrible toxic effects of sugar.  Get your body on board.  It’s the only one you have.  Support your body and it will support you back.  I know you don’t know this individual; I know it’s not a personal story to you — but it is to me.  Hopefully it still serves as some sort of inspiration…that it can be done.

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2 Responses to “Paleo Diet: Amazing Results”

  1. diabetic says:

    I just discovered your site and really enjoy your posts. I was recently diagnosed with Type 2 and my doctor wants to put me on medications right away. I told him that I want to try reversing it by improving my diet and getting some physical activity. (I’ve been a couch potato for years.) I just read a free book that describes how to do this — and tells the stories of 15 “ex-diabetics” who have kicked diabetes out of their lives this way. The book is titled “Diabetes Heroes” and it is free at BTW … Have you seen this YouTube video about one of these ex-diabetic who beat Type 2? See: It is so inspiring!

    • jennifer says:

      “Diabetes Heroes”…wow, I like that! I’ll have to check it out sometime. Yes, I do whole-heartedly believe that you can kick the disease and in some cases entirely go off meds with proper diet and exercise. The key is being disciplined and truly making it a priority. All of these “diabetic” cookbooks that have a big slice of cake on the front are completely missing the idea here!! Whole REAL food will get you there. Good for you to tell your doc you want to try reversing it by improving your lifestyle — stay strong! 🙂

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