Weekly Menu 5/1 – 5/4

We’ve got a real short one this week folks.  We are kind of playing it by ear a day at a time because we have Jason’s mother visiting us.  This week’s menu is not too exciting, well it is…it’s just not new!  Since Jason’s mom is in town we are feeding her all of our favorites.  We are making sure to hit all of our bases and feed her recipes that we know are tried and true!

A few regulars in our household are of course fajitas with all the fixings, our trusty lamb steaks, and cauliflower rice!  She will get to experience all of these.  We will be introducing her to parsnips for the first time along with some other first-timers.

As far as what might be exciting for you — tonight I will be making Jamaican Jerk Salmon and Grilled Curry Shrimp.  I have posted about Jamaican Jerk Salmon before, but I didn’t get any pictures!  That’s no fun!  We’ll get some good ones tonight.

On Thursday we will be having one of our fajita feasts.  I will be making a side of a bunch of broiled veggies and a new guacamole.  You know I like guacamole!  This one will be a guacamole with a mixture of spinach and tomatillos…lots of green goodness.  Very excited to try this one out!

Another newbie will be Friday’s dinner.  I am continuing my obsession with curry.  I will be making Panang Curry with Chicken.

Lots of favorites to share with family and lots of new things to try this week.  Going to be a good one.  Look for some great pictures of our salmon and shrimp tonight.

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