Pull-Ups? Maybe one day.

Hey folks!  I promised I would be more dedicated with my workouts and I have not let you down!  I really did not want to move my body today.  I woke up at 5 am and went to work.  Left work at 2:30 this afternoon and immediately changed into my workout clothes.  I knew that if I didn’t come home and just get right on it — it might not happen.  I powered through though and got a nice one done.

Jason felt like running to the park; I did not.  It was way too hot outside at 3 pm and I just didn’t feel like running a mile down there!  Fail, I know.  But hey, I didn’t feel like moving at all so give me a break!  I did; however, know that I wanted to spend some time outside.  The park was appealing, but I just didn’t want to run down there.  Jason took off running and I drove!  So lame, right!?  Well, it was decided that I would drive so that I could haul some weights to the park.  Great idea!

One of the things I have been working on…something that has been a goal of mine…is to sucessfully do pull-ups that are unassisted.  Pull-ups are straight up hard.  There is no doubt about it.  It is absolute fact.  Until I can bust a few out I do them assisted.  You can do them with bands at your feet to help take some of the weight off.  The idea is to strengthen my arm and back muscles in order to work towards a pull-up.  I have to admit, I am getting there.  My goal is becoming a reality.  I can feel myself getting stronger, and eventually I will be able to do several pull-ups unassisted…and that will definitely be a celebration day.

So here’s today’s workout:

Completed 3 rounds of:

  • Assisted Pull-ups (reps of 21, 15, 9)
  • Weighted lunges with 30# (reps of 22, 16, 10)
  • Thrusters with 30# (reps of 21, 15, 9)
  • Sprint 80 yards

Basically each round consisted of the above mentioned with the reps starting at 21 times, then 15, and then 9 for every movement.  A single sprint of 80 yards completed each round.  At the end of the three rounds I completed 2 more sprints to make it 5 total.

After our workout we got cleaned up and headed to the store for some Kombucha.  If you have never heard of Kombucha you might want to look into it and give it a try.  There has been some debate on whether or not Kombucha really has the health benefits they claim it to have…but I like it!  From the research I have done I don’t see it being a problem.  Kombucha, just like any other fermented good, is a probiotic.  Kombucha provides your gut with lots of live bacteria that helps to correct imbalances and aid in digestion.  To find out more about the benefits of fermented goods read this article on Mark’s Daily Apple.

I have tried two flavors of Kombucha.  Of course the brand I chose was raw Kombucha with only Kombucha and fresh ginger listed as the ingredients.  No other junk added.  The other flavor I have tried is a citrus version which is simply flavored with lemon.  Until I really know what’s up with these, because I’m not one to drink anything other than coffee in the morning and water the rest of the day, I won’t make them a daily thing.  They are a nice little pick me up for something different though.  Give one a try and see how you feel with it.

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