Grilled Beef Heart Skewers

I am running a little bit behind as usual!  Last night Jason and I were having car troubles, again, and I really just felt like taking it easy.  Some nights I deem it necessary to just stay away from technology, okay except for my phone, in order to get truly relaxed.  We have still been bar-b-cuein’ it up here in College Station, Texas!  I suppose it’s becoming quite noticeable.  Neighbors are starting to comment, “hey, you’re always out here…” lol yup, great observation!  They always notice us outside working out as well.  Wouldn’t it be cool to be known as the good looking couple that lives in 507…I can hear the conversation now… “…yeah honey, you know the ones…they’re fit and always outside with that dumb little grill?”  Nice!  Hey, I’ll tell you – I wouldn’t mind bein that person…dumb little grill or not, because we make some serious comida on that thing.  We have really been grilling all week.  Night before last we made some beef heart skewers that I have to share with you, and we made the remaining heart last night as well.  Speaking of heart — this coming Saturday I get to pick up my veal order from Wild Type Ranch.  I’m pretty excited about it.  We purchased some osso bucco, a shoulder roast, a calf liver, and of course….a calf heart.  I have prepared heart in my slow-cooker and grilled it, for the veal heart I’m thinking just a good ol’ roast in the oven will do.  We shall see!

I will be posting my new Weekly Menu soon as well.  This menu will likely include a lot more grilling, as well as my obsession with curries.  If I am not outside grilling…I will most likely be in the kitchen hovered over the stove making all kinds of curries.  Red, yellow, green, whatever!!  They’re amazing.  Jason’s mom and sister will be visiting us this weekend, so that should be fun.  I will have to come up with something spectacular to cook them, of course, so stay tuned!


Beef Heart 101


I’m not sure why folks are so squeemish about the heart.  For some reason heart tends to get thrown in the same category with tongue, sweetbreads and liver…but it’s not the same at all!  The heart, regardless of what animal it comes from, is not an organ meat.  It is a muscle just like anything else.  Consider the heart being comparable to a sirloin roast.  It is a super lean and extremely flavorful.  I admit, it is a little harder to prep than an ordinary roast in that you do have to trim it up a bit.  As far as cooking methods are concerned…it’s the same; typically oven or slow-cooker.

Start off by trimming up your beef heart.

Sometimes the heart comes closed up, and other times it comes slit open already.  Either way you want to trim the inside up just a bit to get rid of any ventricles and/or silvery skin.  There will typically be some thicker pieces of fat on the outside that are hardened.  You will want to trim that off as well.

The reason that the heart can be slightly difficult to trim is because it’s not flat or even.  Because it has separated chambers, it’s not smooth through out and you have to be patient doing a section at a time.  Unless you’re super sophisticated with cutlery…which I am not.  Anyway, after trimming the fat away you will be left with smooth muscle meat that is very lean.




After I trimmed the heart, I sliced it thinly and placed all slices in a gallon-sized ziplock bag.  I mixed together all of the seasonings for the marinade.

Mix together: 4 cloves of minced garlic, 1 sprig of chopped rosemary, 1/2 tbsp. rubbed sage, 1 tbsp. of dried thyme, 1/2 tsp. sea salt, and 1/2 tsp. black pepper.

Now it’s time to add everything to your beef heart strips.  Pour 3 tbsp. of EV olive oil over the heart, along with 2 tbsp. of balsamic vinegar.  Dump your spice and herb mixture into the bag as well and close up.  Massage bag for a few minutes to insure that heart is well coated and all ingredients are fully blended.  Place bag in your refrigerator and let marinate as long as you can.  I gave mine about 8 hours.

When you’re ready to grill — remove the bag from the refrigerator and let come to room temperature, about 30 minutes will do.  Carefully skewer strips of heart, be sure to spread the strips out enough that they will cook evenly.

When your grill is at a medium heat, you’re ready!  Grill heart skewers for about 5 minutes per side.  Remove from heat, and eat immediately!  Eat them right off the skewer while you grill other things or serve with your favorite side.



For some reason we have not been very good about eating our vegetables and greens lately.  We have been on a huge meat kick, and that’s pretty much all we’ve been eating for dinner.  On this particular night we had beef heart, sausages, and avocados.  I did prepare a tray of roasted bell peppers, onions, and zucchini in the oven…but it was hardly everyone’s focus!

Speaking of grilling other things — you have to try grilled avocados!



Yeah, as if avocados could get any better!  Well, they do.  Grilled.  Try grilling them for a few minutes on each side over medium heat — eat them on the side of your dish, or scoop them out to create an even more flavorful guacamole.

We loved these grilled avocados so much we decided to throw a few on last night as well after we cooked some patties for our portobello burgers.



We grilled the portobello mushroom caps as well until they were slightly charred and softened.  While the caps were warm I shredded just a bit of raw goat cheese on top, then a mound of baby spinach, and finished off with my grass-fed patty seasoned with garlic, jalapeno and chili powder.  The grilled avocado on the side was a perfect match.

Well, that’s all for now…get your butt outside and grill something!!  As always, enjoy!

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