Weekly Menu 4/7 – 4/13

Well folks, we’ve got a pretty lengthy menu this time around.  As I mentioned on a previous post I am off for the next few days; over Easter weekend.  That means that I will be working for the rest of the week and into the following weekend — so the menu is stretched a bit further along than usual.  I have lots of great things in store on this one because of the Holiday, and of course, our treat!  Due to all the extra ingredients these things require, the rest of the menu is pretty darn simple.  We’ve got a few more evenings for grilling, several slow-cooker dishes, and lots of fun salads.

What’s really nice is that once you become an experienced cook, your kitchen starts to manifest itself into one large stock room of goodies.  Most recipes you come across will call for items that you generally have on hand.  This feature of a well-stocked kitchen is also helpful for throwing dishes together on a whim.  Luckily for me a lot of the things I plan on making this week only required me to get the meat and fresh vegetables involved.  All spices, condiments, and fillers I already have.  What can get expensive, and what I mean by extras, is when you plan to eat elaborately or have several dishes in one day.  For instance, on a typical morning Jason and I would simply eat bacon and eggs.  However, because of the holiday and our treat day we are having some more exciting breakfasts going on.  Also, I planned a menu around a lot of meat I already had.  I am still working through my freezer full of grass-fed beef; holding on to it like it’s treasure!  I will have to start replenishing it before too long.

Which reminds me!  I placed another order with Wild Type Ranch last night.  Yes, for more beef…but not just your ordinary beef — veal.  🙂  This is very cool news.  Spring is here, and it is that time of year!  This is the only veal they are going to have in 2012, and it was necessary in my opinion to stock up!  I didn’t order a lot.  Just a roast, some osso bucco, a liver, and a heart.  In fact, there was only ONE calf heart available, and it’s all mine.

One more thing we need to discuss — I will try and make it quick!  I mentioned in a post last night that recently I have been in somewhat of a rut, and I have been feeling a tad bit more lazy than usual.  Well, we’re going to do something about that.  I will say this – when you eat a diet completely full of whole foods and keep it as clean as we do you really start to notice what foods affect your body well and which foods don’t agree with you.  I will admit that Jason and I have slipped just a bit when it comes to our eating over the past week or so.  You can look back on my recent menu’s and see that there are a lot of starches involved, lots of fruit going on, even some cooking with honey, etc.  THAT is why I am feeling this way.  When you’re eating a diet primarily of meat and vegetables your cravings for sugar and the like start to disappear.  But if you’re sensitive to sugar like I am, any taste of sweetness will bring those cravings right back…and it doesn’t take long.  Over the past week or so I would find myself eating an apple with coconut butter and cinnamon for a snack, or finding myself eating on some nuts with dried fruits after dinner…no, no, no, I am not saying those things are bad for you.  They are incredibly nutritious and there is nothing wrong with eating them; they make fabulous snacks.  However, when it comes to sugar — your body doesn’t know the difference.  Ever heard people say that not all calories are created equal?  Well, it doesn’t matter how many calories you eat; I promise you this.  It matters what you are eating because realize that once you put it in your mouth and chew — it’s nothing but chemical reactions at that point.  If it’s sweet; it’s sweet.  Dried fruit in this case – is the same as anything else that is sweet to your taste buds.  Will it have the detrimental affects that refined sugar will have on your body?  No.  But as far as cravings are concerned, which come naturally to us without fail, it is the exact same thing.  Needless to say, allowing these things in our diet is fine…but when they become too familiar they can bring on some nasty side effects.  Eating things like this has made me desire other things…and I am not comfortable with that.  Again, everyone is different.  My body; however, is extremely sensitive to sugar and I just don’t handle it well.  I also have digestive issues with fruit.  Fruit doesn’t settle well with me, and it causes me to be a bit more lethargic than I’d like.  As I said – when you eat a diet full of clean ingredients you are easily able to notice patterns and trends.  When I eat fruit I generally don’t feel very good.  My body responds best to meat, fats, and green vegetables.  So – with that said…Jason and I are planning to undergo a 6 week detox, if you will.  Our menu and dishes from this Tuesday, April 10th until May, 22nd will feature very little fruit and very little sugar.  We’ve got to get these cravings under control in order to get out of this slump.  Over the next few days we will be treating ourselves more than usual because of the holiday, so it’s really good timing.  Luckily our monthly treat falls close to Easter, so we are going to combine them.  We will; however, skip next month’s treat and take it on a longer stretch towards the end of May.  It actually works out really well, as May 22nd will be the night we are in San Diego, CA for our Morrissey concert…which will call for some sort of celebration, obviously.

I do want to clarify one thing.  For those of you readers that are thinking that we are having these cravings due to feelings of deprivation, you are very wrong!  It’s pretty simple to see how it works.  When we are not indulging ourselves we are energetic, happy, and performing well.  Only when we begin to slip a few more of these sweeter things in do the cravings even become an issue, and that is when we start to feel less than par.  When we are eating very well our bodies respond well and not just on a physical level.  Our minds tend to be less foggy and our sleep is more sound as well.

Now without further ado — enjoy!


Easter Sunday:


  • BreakfastBanana French Toast
  • Garlic & Thyme Beef Heart Skewers
  • Grilled Zucchini Salad with Lemon & Scallions


  • Asian Steak Salad


  • Beef Cutlets with Spinach & Paprika Sauce


  • Slow Cooker Lamb Stew over Cauliflower Rice





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