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Hello all!  I am excited to share another product review with you today.  This review is long overdue as the folks from Give Me the Dirt have been around a while now.  They generously hooked me up with one of their Happy Mouth Gift Sets and I was really excited to try out their products.



So, who are they?



get dirty


“The Dirt” is a line of paleo personal products — they are most widely known for their line of natural toothpastes & toothpowders, but they also have some great fragrances, a skin care line, and lip balm.  All of which are free of fillers, soy, corn, gluten, and artificial preservatives.  Their products are made with pure essential oils, nutrient-dense butters, and mineral-rich clays and salts.  This company prides themselves on creating beauty care & personal products that are high in nutrients, extremely safe, and whole-food based.  Just as you nourish your body with the quality of food you eat — you should supplement with natural products that will also promote a healthy you.  With ingredients like lavender, cocoa butter, cinnamon, coconut oil, ghee, and bentonite clay — you can rest assured that these products will only improve your well-being.

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Review of the Happy Mouth Gift Set


I was sent one of The Dirt’s Happy Mouth Gift Sets for review.  This is most likely everyone’s favorite item.  The set includes their iconic glass jar of mineral tooth powder, lip balm, and an anti-microbial pure copper tongue scraper.


the dirt


The toothpowder is so so special.  I was blown away by this product.  Their toothpowder is made of very fine bentonite clay, organic Saigon cinnamon, baking soda, organic Myrrh, organic nutmeg, sweet orange essential oil, and organic cardamom essential oil.  You cannot get more natural than that!  Using this toothpowder is quite an experience…it’s actually kind of fun!  It doesn’t take very much to get the job done, so they suggest you wet your toothbrush and lightly dip it in the powder — shake off the excess and then brush your teeth.  What you will love first is definitely the taste!  The best way I can explain it is just a sheer sense of Fall spice in your mouth!  The taste is very pleasing, but not in a fake artificial sweetened kind of way like you find with normal toothpaste.  The second thing you’ll notice is that your teeth feel extremely clean…like cleaner than ever before.  Since the powder only lightly coats the bristles on your toothbrush this stuff actually lasts a really long time.  Their 51g jar is expected to last you about 6 months!  That’s a great investment.


My Personal Experience


with the Mineral Toothpowder




When I agreed to review these products I didn’t realize that the mineral toothpowder would improve my teeth the way that it did.  Previously I had been dealing with my teeth stinging at times.  I noticed that when I began to talk a lot, especially after drinking cold liquids, that my teeth were extremely sensitive to the air.  It made pronunciation of words difficult sometimes because it was painful to expose my teeth when I talked.  I had a sneaking suspicion that it was due to loss of enamel, but I wasn’t expecting this toothpowder to magically help the issue.  I noticed after about a month of using the mineral toothpowder my teeth were not as sensitive.  The stinging sensation I had been struggling with was not happening as often.  As I did some research I found out that normal toothpastes you buy in the store contain glycerin — and that it can prevent the process of re-mineralization in your teeth.  The Dirt’s toothpowder is glycerin free — so it actually works towards strengthening your teeth.  As if that weren’t enough, the toothpowder aids in not only cleaning, but naturally whitening your teeth.


The Pure Copper


Tongue Scraper…WOW


This is without a doubt one of the coolest things I’ve ever used!  Cooler than the other side of the pillow, folks!  Let me tell you, whoever you kiss — wants you to have this!  After brushing your teeth, the copper tongue scraper is designed to…you guessed it…scrape your tongue.  Brushing of course, takes care of your pearly whites…but bacteria remains on your tongue.  Copper is naturally anti-microbial and it helps to not only remove the gunk that can lead to less than so-fresh breath, but it also reduces the amount of bacteria you have in your mouth.  This thing is so fun to use.  So fun, yet so gross.  You wouldn’t want to see a how-to video of this — although I’m sure they are out there somewhere!  The combination of the toothpowder and copper scraper leave your mouth feeling insanely clean — the sensation is really something you want to experience.


Discounts & Sales


I am reviewing the Happy Mouth Gift Set at the perfect time… for a while their website was out of stock on this item.  As I said it is probably everyone’s favorite because it’s a great value for all three items.  They are now BACK IN STOCK and on sale — cool!  Head on over to Give Me the Dirt and read more about it — when you enter their website they will offer you a coupon code for 10% off your order.

**Note — I am not an affiliate of these products.  I do not earn any sort of compensation for reviewing them, they are items that I personally use and would love for you to try.

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  1. Rhiannon Barrowman says:

    Does this stuff help with bad teeth as in the kind that some dentists may want to yank all out and thus compell a patient to
    get bankrupting dentures (full or partial)? Anyways I am willing to give up toothpaste, all three tubes for this. What also is the
    downside of using this stuff?

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