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Hey everyone!  Spring is here!  Finally.  Let’s all join in on a unified “wooo hooo!” shall we?  We’ve all heard of the term “spring cleaning” …where we clean our closets, pantries, put the winter clothes away, and welcome the start of a new beginning.  Often times it’s not just our homes and yards that need some cleaning up!  I know personally bad diets can develop over the colder months and sometimes you just feel like you need a healthy restart for your body, too.


Why I Tried the Zen Detox Therapy


Today I am excited to review one of Morrocco Method’s most rejuvenating products — their Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy.  I purchased their Zen Detox a while back because I noticed that after starting my natural hair care journey I was battling a lot of leftover residue from years of chemical treatment.  I had a particularly long detox period after starting my natural hair care routine.  Once my scalp had recovered from being overly dry/greasy I noticed that I was having more issues with the length of my hair.  I had been wanting to grow my hair out, and what I found was that after being chemical-free for some time — a lot of the residue that I had gotten rid of was now stuck in the length of my hair.  It was not manageable at all, and was very sticky.  I had learned through Morrocco Method’s Education Center that residue buildup getting stuck in your hair was a fairly normal thing.  In my research I discovered that their Zen Detox Therapy helped to remove chemical residue, plastics, toxins, etc. and I decided to give it a try.


Zen Detox Review


About the Zen Detox Therapy


The treatment is made from a mixture of volcanic clays and it is a very fine powder that you mix with water.  After hydrating the clay it turns into a smooth spreadable mask that you can rub into your scalp, on the length of your hair and even your face, neck & shoulders.  It does dry pretty quickly, so I found that I had to move fast in order to spread it all over.  The really neat thing is that even though the product weighs in at only 4 oz. — it does last a while.  I was able to get 3 full treatments out of my first purchase and all 3 times I detoxed my scalp, hair and face.  You can mix up only a little bit at a time or if you prefer you can hydrate the entire container at once.  If you do decide to make all 4 oz. at the same time you will need to re-hydrate it when you’re ready to use it because it will harden as it sits.  You can also use this as a spot treatment for blemishes — while the clays work to lift heavy metals and unwanted toxins from your body they do dry out so any unwanted oil buildup will be lifted from your skin.


Video Provided by Morrocco Method



My Zen Detox Experience


I knew that their Zen Detox formula was very gentle and that it could also be used on my face as well as a hair mask.  So, the day I performed the treatment I decided to do my scalp, hair, and face all at once.  Honestly, it was so much fun!  I really wanted to make the most of my detox experience so I performed my treatment when I knew I could de-stress and not be bothered.  I took my time and really made a special day for myself.  I won’t lie the treatment can be a bit messy, especially if you have longer hair.  I suggest wearing some old clothes, or even a robe that can be easily removed when you’re ready to rinse the treatment off.  The best part; however, is how your skin feels post treatment.  When you have the treatment on you will definitely feel it working — as the clays dry you start to feel your face tighten up and your scalp gets a tingly feeling.  I closed my eyes during the process, and just laid back and enjoyed it with some peaceful music in the background.  It was really somewhat of a personal spa experience at home.  I loved it.  I left the treatment on for about 20 minutes my first time, and then gradually left it on longer the next two times.  I decided to do the treatment every quarter or so. The best part was after my first treatment I noticed a huge difference in the length of my hair.  After washing the treatment out my hair felt light, and no longer weighed down or sticky.  The best example I can give is the way dish soap cuts out grease when you’re washing those yucky pots and pans — it’s like all the grunge and gunk that has developed in your hair is lifted and you’re just left with healthy soft hair.  The same goes for your face — my skin felt smooth and refreshed.  It was a wonderful experience.



Do You Need the Zen Detox?


You may think that chemical residue only builds up from harsh treatments like coloring your hair — but these harmful chemicals & toxins can reside in your body from a number of things.  Unwanted toxins can build up from the food you eat, the water you drink, pollutants from your environment, hard water in your home, household cleaning items you may use, and even medicines that you take.  Sometimes we can’t help but have these things in our lives.  But I like to do what I can to try and reverse some of the harmful effects that these things can bring.

We rely solely on our immune system to rid our bodies of unwanted toxins.  But with the increasing amount of chemicals and toxins in our environment, how can we expect to tax our body in that way?  A healthy immune system already possesses the ability to protect our body against viruses, bacteria, and germs, but being able to assist our bodies in the removal of these excess pollutants is something that you can do.  These unwanted toxins do compromise and threaten your health.  Take care of the one body you have — I urge you to help fight for what is yours.



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