Wow, it’s been a while!!  I have been super busy.  The last few days I have worked at night and so my cooking has taken place frantically in the A.M.  I will tell you though, when you’re making food this good — anytime of day will do!  My mornings have consisted of me waking up, making myself breakfast, working out, showering, and then throwing a dinner together before Jason gets home (for his lunch) and I take my portion for dinner when I leave soon after.  Frantic, I said!  Anyway, as always I managed to get some good snapshots of what we have eaten over the past three days.  All three meals have lots of yummy bones, which is always fun.  By the way my bag in the freezer is getting quite full — I seriously suspect a bone broth will be-a-brewin’ soon.  I will make this short and to the point as far as recipes go because I am playing catch-up.

Other than the recipes soon to follow this post — hmm, let’s see…things are good!!  Workouts have been productive; I feel really good.  I always have good energy and I am getting faster.  I actually beat my time by 3 whole minutes on a particular workout yesterday so I am basically turning into a badass machine – NBD.  No big deal.  Speaking of being a badass machine – lately at work we have been discussing of one on one combat pairings and who would make a good match.  I’d like to beat up some people from work.  Yup.  That would be a lot of fun.  A few pop up in my mind immediately, but ahhh…gotta keep the peace.  That’s what they keep tellin’ me anyway.  I wonder if I could seriously take someone though…hmmm…  there are some pretty scrappy gals at work…hmmm….

Oh, other good news – my vacation is coming up!!  I am seriously counting down the days.  What’s really cool about it is my very good friend will be coming to visit me for a day or two.  I have not seen her in over a year – which in her words, “that is just unacceptable.”  What’s really cool is that she has asked me to show her some tips in the kitchen.  Uhh, yeah!  No problem!  As we like to say at work, “it would be my pleasure.”  Nah, but really I just think it’s cool that people trust me to be somewhat of a teacher.  I am supposed to be one you know…but alas…I am not.  THAT is another goal of mine over my vacation.  I am going to do lots and lots of research.  We are going to get this whole life thing figured out.  I’m too old for this crap — we gotta get this together.  More on that later.

More good news — new Weekly Menu is almost done!  I know, I know, what’s the point if I’m going to go like three days without giving you the recipes??  I’m sorry!  It’s just that I was busy; and I got to realizing that my blog sucked, and I just didn’t feel like it.  I will never let you down again; I promise.  It’s a good one.  You’ll love it.  Speaking of things to love – salads.  Good Lord, they are amazing.  I mean they just ARE — without even trying.  Salads are just born, and don’t even try — they just have all these cool points for doing nothing.  They go with any entree, you can make them appropriate for any season, you can eat a crap ton of them and there are so many endless combinations of ingredients and dressings that I get giddy about them.  Needless to say – there are a lot of salads coming up in our new menu.  You shall see for yourself soon…the pairings are still in the works.


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