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Over the last 2 years my interest in natural hair care has widened greatly.  What I thought initially was that I would simply cleanse my hair with products that were free of harmful chemicals.  But when I saw how my hair was starting to look — my gears transitioned from not only wanting healthy hair, but wanting beautiful hair.

Morrocco Method focuses strongly on nourishing your hair and scalp — not just through the obvious use of their products, but by encouraging you to take control of your entire hair care routine.  It’s not just about washing and conditioning your hair — there is so much more to their philosophy.  Nourishing, styling, brushing, massaging, and cutting are all equal players in the game to achieving healthy hair.


What is Lunar Hair Cutting?


Morrocco Method advises Lunar Hair Cutting — which is the coordination of cutting your hair with the cycle of the moon.  Sounds kind of kooky?  Well, perhaps — but when you consider the role the moon has played for centuries in all sorts of events — is it really so strange?  We know that the moon’s gravitational force is responsible for the ebb and flow of oceans.  We also know that for generations farmers have managed their soil, planting and harvesting times on the lunar calendar.  If you’ve ever lived on a farm you’ve probably noticed that if an animal is expecting — more often than not the mother will give birth on the night of a full moon.  But why?  Why does it seem that the moon has these real-world magic powers?  …and the question at hand…does it have anything to do with your hair?

Over the last year, I have been cutting my own hair.  And yes, I have been timing those cuts with Morrocco Method’s Lunar Hair Chart.  There is some detail to go into on how the charts work; however, this post is going to focus on how to cut your own hair.



Can You Trim Your Own Hair? Yes!


I knew that frequent trims were extremely beneficial in keeping my hair healthy.  Trimming your hair helps you focus on growth and restoration of your hair’s ends is more productive.  So, at the beginning of my natural hair care journey — I started making regular appointments at salons around town.  The problem that I encountered was that not every hairdresser’s chair I sat in was as open or understanding of natural hair care.  Each time I would have to explain why I didn’t want them to wash my hair prior to cutting, or why I didn’t want it styled afterwards — honestly, it became quite a headache.  I was extremely empowered to start trimming my own hair after one particular experience.  Long story short — the woman who was cutting my hair expressed how grossed out she was that I had not been using chemical shampoo.  She was obviously unaware that I did not need “chemical shampoo” in order to have clean hair.  She did not hide her personal feelings about my choices and I knew from that point forward that I would be trimming my own — and I was scared to say the least!

But I am here to tell you — do not fret — it is not hard at all!  Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying that I know how to professionally cut and style hair.  But if length is your goal and you want to keep your hair healthy with regular trimmings — you can definitely do this!


Before You Get Started:

  • Decide how often you want to cut your hair.  You can do it monthly, or even every quarter.
  • Know that this is not a stressful situation — you are simply trimming your hair, not giving yourself a new doo.  No need for perfection here.
  • Allow yourself some time — you don’t want to do this job in a hurry.  Be relaxed and have fun with it!

Have your hair freshly washed as you would get it cut at the salon — cutting the ends is easier when your hair is damp.  As I mentioned before, there are some suggestions for what shampoo/conditioner combinations to use based on your current hair goals — but for today’s post we won’t go into that detail.


How To:

Most folks think you want to cut along your natural part — you do to some extent, but not if you like to part your hair very far over to one side.  I like to shake my head a little and see where the part falls naturally, and as long as it is somewhat in the middle then that is fine.  If you usually part your hair to the extreme left or right then you’ll want to make it more centered for your trimming process.

  • Once you have your hair parted, split your hair into 2 equal sections.  Pin one section up and out of the way.  With the section you are currently going to trim — start by gathering a small section towards the front.


  • You want to use a comb and smooth the section of hair down with your fingers to the very end.  Try to keep your head straight when you make the cut…but remember you’re not cutting very much at all.  If you are trimming on a monthly basis just 1/8″ is beneficial.  Trim the section of strands in one blunt snip with the scissors.


  • Now that you’ve got that first section in the front trimmed, twist it up and pin it with another clip on the other side of your head (along with the reserved hair that has not been cut yet).  Using a comb or your fingers, create another section of hair right next to it — you want to gather hair that is right beside what has been cut, not below it.


  • Continue with the same blunt snip cutting method at the end of your second section.  Then, move on to the next section of hair, keeping your sections similar in size, towards the back of your head.


  • The tricky part is the back of your head.  Honestly, if you have longer hair it is easier because you can bring the section of hair towards your front and snip it.  Do what you can to keep the section a uniform size, and remember you’re only going halfway to the back as the other half will be trimmed with your second section of hair.


  • Once you have trimmed the furthest behind-your-head section it is time to trim the front again.  Section the same size of hair that is below the first section you made at the front.  Trim it the same way with a blunt snip, and continue across towards the back — just as you did before.


  • After you have repeated this process on both sides of your head — it is time to do the final framing and trimming.  In this process you really only focus on the front and the back that can be gathered at the top of your head.  These sections will bring both the right and left sides together to check for balance and ensure that they were trimmed evenly.


  • When you gather the right and left sides together from the back — you will want to comb the section a few times ensuring that the section is nice and smooth.  Then, bring it forward so that it is easier to cut.  If your hair is very short, you may not be able to bring it in front of you, but cutting it while holding it up should not be difficult.


Once you are sure that the left and ride sides from the back were cut evenly, then you are done!  I know, I say it like it’s super simple.  Seeing these pictures and instructions are nothing compared to actually doing it yourself.  But you CAN!  Again, the key is cutting very little, and keeping calm.  If you are trimming on a monthly basis what small mistake you may have made will work itself out.  No need in stressing over it.


So…Does Lunar Cutting Work?


So you might be wondering — since I have trimmed my hair with the lunar cycle — has my hair grown?  Well, yes!  Despite my frequent trims, my hair has grown significantly over the last year.  Here are a few pictures to help illustrate the length I have achieved with lunar cutting.  The pictures begin with January 2014 and end with pictures that were taken March 18th, 2015 right after my Spring Equinox hair trimming.

yearly hair lengths


Lunar Packages


Depending on what your personal hair goals are you can make the most out of your lunar hair trimming with Morrocco Method’s Lunar Hair Care packages.  They are designed to work in combination with your lunar cutting date.  Whether your goal is to heal your hair/scalp with root-work, thicken your hair, grow it out, or just make it more beautiful — these combos will help you get there.


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