Weekly Menu 3/12 – 3/18

Alrighty folks, it is that time again!  My favorite time!  I’ve got a doozy comin’ up for you this week.  I will say – this week is really simple stuff.   To me last week felt like it was kind of heavy on some more starchy vegetables and somewhat involved.  That worked; however, since I only went to work TWO days out of the week.  Yeah, that NEVER happens so it was extra freakin’ cool.  This week is full of Depot time and I shot for things that  were easy, one-pot deals, or fun salads.  You’ll also notice that two days out of the upcoming week we are having burgers.  Now, mind you, they are awesome and exciting burgers but easy burgers nonetheless.  Nothing wrong with that!  Patties of meat with greens around it are a Paleo gal’s best bud.

Another thing is that we needed this week to be a bit cheaper, and generally simpler means cheaper.  We spent a pretty penny on all that wonderful grass-fed beef, but you actually won’t see much of it this week.  We are going to supplement that beef with a lot of cheaper cuts, especially seafood (super cheap right now due to Lent), because we want to see realistically how long it can last us.  We are seriously looking into joining Wild Type Ranch’s CSA program when they are accepting new clients and we need to get a good idea if this will work for us.

Lastly, we will not be having another “treat” until April, 10.  Now, Wednesday is somewhat of an exception.  Yeah I know, I deserve to be tar’d and feather’d for talking this bull-shi-tahen.  There are no exceptions!!  But really, there is this one.  As I mentioned in some other posts, we had planned to try chocolate covered bacon for the first time Saturday (3/10).  However, due to our dear Tanya needing assistance we had to go out of town!  The bacon didn’t happen…and you know how I love bacon.  The second part to that is that our friend Kyle, who deserves very much to eat chocolate covered bacon was promised to try some along with us.  He will be joining us for dinner Wednesday night, and as a thank you for all the wonderful things he does for us — he will be rewarded with this.  Now, technically, technically, I could make Kyle this small treat and just not eat it myself.  Right?  Well, if you answered “yes” I don’t like you anymore and I don’t want you to read my blog!  haha  Yeah, I could stay away from it, but for what?  The beauty with eating this way is that sweets are infrequent and notice we don’t call them “cheats” we call them “treats.”  I am choosing to eat chocolate covered bacon out of our designated “treat” cycle, but I also choose to never eat grains, dairy, legumes or sugar on a regular basis for the rest of my life.  Haha, so it evens out I think.  Wednesday will be an exception, and then from there…stretch until April 10.

Okay, okay here it is!


Monday:  Wild-caught Salmon & Shrimp Chowder with Shaved Asparagus Salad

Tuesday:  Fried Eggs over Green Chili Buffalo Burgers with Fried Green Tomatoes

Wednesday:  Shrimp Cakes with Spinach Slaw & Coconut-Almond Dressing along with Treat:  Kyle’s Chocolate-Covered Bacon

Thursday:  Lamb & Fig Meatballs with Greek Salad    Mushroom & Rosemary Crusted Lamb Arm Chops with Smashed Root Vegetables

Friday:  Chicken & Fennel Stew   Veal Osso Buco with Chopped Broccoli Salad

Saturday:  Slow Cooker Lamb Stew   Braised Dijon Lamb Shanks w/ Greek Salad

Sunday:  Apple & Bacon Pork Rosemary Burgers with Roasted Green Bean Fries


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