Paleo Carrot Cake Pancakes

Well, I’m a little late on this one.  We had our carrot cake pancakes for a late lunch!  Technically, they were still our breakfast because they were the first thing we ate today.  We woke up in Dallas and Jason finished fixing Tanya’s car in the cold rain, poor guy.  Even more so poor Letania!  She hasn’t had the best of luck lately, but that’s what family is for.  Needless to say, our original plans got changed around — but that’s okay; all is well, everyone is happy and healthy and that’s all that matters!  For anyone who may look or follow my weekly menu you may have noticed that I did not update last night’s meal of Smokey Lime Ribeye Steaks and Broccoli, nor did we make chocolate covered bacon.  That’s okay; I’m making it up to you.  I did; however, create a wonderful dinner for our Dallas-onians which I did not get any pictures of, but a recipe will follow at some point.  The ribeyes will be tonight, the chocolate-covered bacon will be made for my friend Kyle on Wednesday, and tonight….oooooh tonight, not only will you get a fantastic ribeye recipe, but you will get to see how our Chocolate Almond Butter Ice Cream turns out!  Whooo – I am getting ahead of myself.  One thing at a time.  For now, our late lunch, and your soon to be breakfast I am sure: Paleo Carrot Cake Pancakes.


I have to warn you, first of all, that these pancakes are dangerous.  They made me feel straight up dirty.  They are so incredibly good and bad at the same time I was immediately transported into some foggy, coma-like, middle ground where I didn’t know my right from left or my health from a straight up heart attack.  Haha, no really – that’s the awesome thing about Paleo eating.  I can assure you, with all my heart, that you can eat these and feel sooooo good about it.  No crazy spikes in blood sugar, no crazy mood crash afterward, and no fiending for more sugar, ahem, crack if you’re anything like me.  After a four hour drive in the rain we really needed these, and they hit the spot real nice and comforting like.  Jason is actually passed out on the bed right now wrapped up very tightly in a dark brown blanket; he looks like Obe Wan Kenobi.

The base & inspiration of this pancake recipe is from the lovely Juli with PaleOMG


Ingredients for Pancakes

  • 1 c. carrots, shredded
  • 3 eggs
  • 1/2 c. almond meal
  • 1/2 c. full-fat coconut milk
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil, melted
  • 2 tbsp. coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp. baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  • 1/4 tsp. sea salt
  • 1 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp. ground ginger
  • 1/2 tsp. ground nutmeg
  • 1/4 c. raisins

Ingredients for Topping

  • 4 tbsp. coconut butter
  • 1 tbsp. pastured butter
  • 2 tbsp. pure maple syrup (Grade B, preferably)
  • 2 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • chopped pecans


  1. Combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl: almond meal, coconut flour, baking soda, baking powder, and all spices.
  2. In a medium sized bowl wisk together: eggs, coconut milk, coconut oil, carrots, and raisins.
  3. Pour wet ingredients into dry ingredients and mix well.
  4. Heat a large skillet over medium heat.  Lightly grease with coconut oil if you don’t have a non-stick pan.  Otherwise, you should be fine.
  5. Pour pancake batter (about 1/4 c. ) onto hot skillet and let each side cook approx. 3 minutes.

Process for Topping

  1. While pancakes are cooking, mix all of your topping ingredients (except for pecans) in a small saucepan over low heat.
  2. Mix well, and continue cooking on very low heat until all pancakes are finished.
  3. Spoon topping over stack of pancakes and sprinkle chopped pecans along with some extra raisins if you desire!

**Hope you enjoy these, and do not hate me when you become obsessed with them and can’t help but want them for breakfast every single morning for the rest of your life.  Hey, learn to manage.  Also, we ate ours with fried eggs and pork sausage.  Yeah, you should do that too.

Stay tuned for ribeye steaks and Chocolate Almond Butter Ice Cream…wait, I said I wasn’t fiending…was I wrong!?  Haha, no I am not.  The ice cream was planned and promised and it shall happen.

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