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Last week I let you in on one of my most beloved secrets in natural beauty — the start of my natural hair care journey.  After several months of a chemical-free hair care routine I was happy with some changes, but I was struggling with a particularly long detox period.  As with any journey, there are ups and downs, and periods of time that you want to give up all together.  My commitment to health and wellness kept me searching for an alternative.  I very badly wanted to stay chemical free, and honestly I came to a realization of what my hair truly needed.  That need was fulfilled by Morrocco Method — a line of natural, raw, and wild-crafted hair care products.


Do I Really Need Hair Care Products?


First and foremost, I’ll start off by explaining — that the last thing I thought I needed were hair care products.  Here I was months into a natural hair care routine, and spending money on bottles of “shampoo” was the last thing I wanted to do.  Part of why I quit shampoo in the first place, was to get away from that need of regular washings and money spent.  But understand, that these products are more than just bottles of “shampoo.”  The term “shampoo” is slapped on the front label so that it’s something we are familiar with — but believe me, it’s more like pure nourishment at your fingertips.

That’s what I finally understood when I decided to give the Morrocco Method shampoos a try.  The reason that my hair looked like garbage (after months of no shampoo) is because I had been feeding it garbage my entire life.  Once you quit chemical shampoos the true nature of your hair will show.  And honestly, you may not like what you’re faced with!  But you know what, don’t give up — because all your hair needs is a little TLC.

A hair care routine should be more than just shampoo and conditioner.  Time, love, effort, and patience are all important factors in achieving healthy hair.  Think of what time, effort, and devotion you give to strengthening your muscles, your mind, or your diet.  The same needs apply to your hair.  So, after going shampoo-less — why did I suddenly need some?


My Natural Hair Care Epiphany

light bulb


To detoxify my liver and boost my immune system I drink warm lemon water every single day.  To support my joint health and digestive tract I supplement with grass-fed gelatin every single day.  I alternate fruits and vegetables we eat so that I am certain our diets are based on variety.  When I work out — some days I concentrate on my legs, others my arms, along with my back, shoulders, and abdominals.  The health and wellness of your hair — works the same way!!  Light bulb moment!!  Your hair and scalp need nourishment, variety, and balance.  My hair was not getting any of the three — until I realized I needed some shampoo in my non-shampoo world.


Morrocco Method’s 5 Shampoos:


Their 5 shampoos are based on the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether.  Each one supplements your scalp with a unique list of live nutrients — while remaining chemical free.  Each of the 5 shampoos is formulated to assist with specialized hair goals based on the wild-crafted ingredients they contain, but rotating them is especially beneficial because you are nourishing your scalp with such a wide variety of natural botanicals, proteins, herbs, etc.



Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo


Their most clarifying —  (element of fire).  This shampoo smells amazing!  It is particularly formulated to balance the pH of your scalp and stimulate blood flow.  Key ingredients include: raw apple cider vinegar, soapbark extract, and green tea.acv_672x1008

Heavenly Essence Shampoo


Next up, Morrocco Method’s most healing — (element of ether).  This shampoo is great in beautifying your hair; it is so gentle and provides a lot of shine and luster.  Key ingredients include: whole leaf aloe vera, marine proteins of kelp, nori, and kombu along with shea butter.HE


Pine Shale Shampoo


Probably my favorite is their most restorative — (element of air).  This shampoo is so wonderful at strengthening and healing.  It really relieved my dandruff and itchy scalp after all the inflammation I caused with baking soda back in my no-poo days.  Key ingredients include:  pale sulfonated shale oil from the decomposition of ferns & evergreens, soapbark, and cactus.pine-shale-8


Sea Essence Shampoo


I don’t know where I’d be without their most moisturizing — (element of water).  This shampoo is great for hair that is struggling from dryness, and the ingredient list is insanely nutrient-dense with high levels of DNA and RNA provided by living sea plants.  Key ingredients include:  kelp, nori, and red/brown/white French algae leaf extract.sea-essence-12oz6


Earth Essence Shampoo


Last, but definitely not least is their most detoxifying — (element of earth).  This shampoo is best for hair that tends to be oily.  Your hair literally feels fuller after using it because it detoxifies your scalp and hair with a blend of French clays.  Key ingredients include:  micronized pure Southwestern white clays along with micronized gray, red, and brown Kaolin clays.earth_essence_sh_4e4401234d6aa


They’re Not Like Ordinary Shampoos!


All of Morrocco Method’s shampoos are raw, low-sudsing, and super concentrated.  After giving up chemical shampoos the lack of suds may lead you to believe that your hair is not getting thoroughly cleaned, but remember, the suds you are used to are generated by a chemical reaction!  These suds are stripping your hair of everything natural and healthy for it.  It will take some time, but you’ll get used to the lack of suds.  And your beautiful hair transformation will make you forget about them all together.

Super-concentrated — know what that means!?  A little goes a long way!  These shampoos last forever because you don’t need very much when you wash.  The folks at Morrocco Method suggest diluting your shampoo dose.  Here’s what I do — I have a glass bottle with a twist-off lid that stays in my shower.  I squeeze about 1/2 a tablespoon of shampoo into the bottle and fill up the rest with water.  I give it some good shakes and slowly pour it over areas of my scalp while I gently massage it in with my fingertips.  Some people prefer to shampoo twice — this means that they use the first round as a method of cleansing their hair and the second time around they massage all the goodness into their clean scalp.  There is definitely a benefit in doing this, but I find that even the one time (while massaging it in sections) works well for me.  My hair is naturally very fine, so with the shampoos being concentrated — it doesn’t take a lot at all.  With a few trials you’ll find what suits your hair best.


Here’s How I Use MM Shampoos:


costConcerned about the cost?  Look at it this way — with chemical shampoos, how often do you wash?  Are you subject to greasy, and limp hair if you go too long in-between washings?  Guess what — that is one of the many perks to natural hair care.  Once your sebaceous glands are balanced and not overly producing oil — you really don’t have to wash that often!  Honestly, I wash my hair with one of the above mentioned Morrocco Method shampoos — every 5-7 days.  That’s really all it takes.


Fun Facts About MM Shampoos:


  • The Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo works well as a face wash for those suffering from bacteria caused acne.
  • The gentleness of the Heavenly Essence Shampoo makes for a perfect face wash for those with sensitive skin.
  • The Sea Essence Shampoo is the facial cleanser you need if your skin is dry or itchy.
  • Allow the Earth Essence Shampoo to sit on your face for 5-10 minutes for a deep cleansing skin mask.  Yes, it can be used to dry up a pesky blemish as well!
  • All 5 shampoos work well as body washes — again money saved!
  • All 5 shampoos are pet friendly!  Each shampoo can help with the specific needs of your pet (feline, canine, and equine)  — they can treat anything from yeast infections, dermatitis, dandruff, psoriasis, ringworms and much more.  Now, I know you couldn’t say that about your previous chemical shampoo!

Remember, the key to a healthy you is nourishment.  From your hair down to your feet — inside AND out — nutrients, balance, variety, and care are the most important.



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