Morrocco Method: Natural Hair Care Journey

I am very excited to be introducing a line of natural, raw, and wild-crafted hair care to all of my readers.  While focusing my attention on posting whole-food recipes, round-ups, and product reviews I have been enduring my very own hair care journey and I am finally ready to talk about it with you today.



Why Did I Give Up


Chemical Shampoo?


I feel fully prepared to discuss the benefits of natural hair care with you, as it has been an entire year since I have used any chemical shampoos.  Wow, what an experience it has been!  Best place to start — why did I give up shampoo in the first place?

Over three years ago I pledged (to myself) that I would prioritize my health.  I decided that I would voice and share my passion for nourishment and wellness through food.  Since that moment I have concerned myself greatly with everything that enters my body.  I skimmed the ingredient label on every canned good, package, or box; I made certain that I purchased organic when I could afford it.  But after a few years passed I realized that our body’s overall nourishment doesn’t end with food alone.  Anything that we use — whether it be perfume, soap, shampoo, nail polish, or makeup, is absorbed by our bodies.

Chemical shampoos contain not-so-desirable ingredients.  Agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), chlorine, DEA/MEA, dyes and fragrances are all added — and have been shown to be carcinogenic, disrupt hormones, and compromise your immune system.  I beg you to take a look at your own shampoo bottle — here are the Top 10 Unwanted Ingredients in Personal Care Products.

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And So…My Natural Beauty


Care Regimen Began


The biggest challenge for me?  Natural hair care.  I wish that I had several before and after pictures to illustrate the change I have witnessed, but honestly, there aren’t a lot of pictures with my hair down in the early days.  Yep, it was that bad.  My hair has always been thin.  My hair has always been fine and prone to breakage.  I figured — hey, that’s the hair I was born with — there’s not much I can do about it.  You know the “messy bun” that all the gals love?  I never could do one!  My hair would always fall right out of it — too fine.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on my hair during the winter months.  Forget ever wearing it down…with just a single swipe of my hand my head would morph into one of those science-y electric plasma nebula balls!  Fly-a-way strands were no joke; in fact, they left me frustrated and discouraged.

Those were the days before natural hair care.  So what happened when I decided to ditch chemical-laden shampoos?  Haha, well, I wish I could say that all the stars aligned and my troubles were over.  Wrong!  My hair GOT WORSE, if you can believe it.

Once shampoo was out of the picture, the first few washings were with just water alone.  My hair immediately had more body to it, but then it took a turn for the worst.  I was experiencing my detox period — which for some can last several months.  On a daily basis I had to wear my hair pinned up — it was a greasy mess.  As the months went on, I wasn’t seeing much improvement.  Some days my hair would be really dry, and other days it would look like I had just stepped out of the shower (even though I hadn’t).


You Will Experience a Detox Period


The detox period is a testament to how horrible chemical shampoos are for you!  Chemical shampoos strip your hair of all of its natural oils — leaving your hair feeling very “clean” but it is deprived.  Without these natural oils — your scalp, namely your sebaceous glands, produce more oil to protect your hair.  The production of more oil makes you feel like your hair is dirty; hence, the need to wash it again.  This cycle goes on and on, and you become dependent on regular washings.  Regardless of how often you wash; however, your hair is not being nourished — nor is it strengthened, beautified, or conditioned.  The detox period is perfectly normal, and to be expected.  My detox period lasted a very long time, and honestly it was due to my lack of knowledge or understanding of what my hair needed.


So, during these months — what did my hair care routine look like?  For the most part I used only water.  I had heard really scary things about the no-poo hair care routine which focused on the balance achieved through alternating baking soda and apple cider vinegar.  I steered clear of that method for a while, until I had no where else to turn.  So much time had passed and I was still waiting for that morning I would wake up and magically have luxurious hair — little did I know that the “no-poo” method would keep me waiting.  I figured baking soda and raw ACV had their place in a healthy diet — maybe my fear in using them on my hair was unjustified?  Big fat WRONG.


I Wanted to Give Up…



There were moments during my baking soda and ACV days that I truly questioned going back to chemical shampoo — just to spare myself of the grief.  Understand that this wasn’t just a problem in how my hair looked or felt, my scalp became incredibly irritated and damaged.  I was suffering from hair that felt stripped of softness and a scalp that was loaded with flakes.  Dandruff!  I never even had dandruff with chemical shampoo!  Some nights (even after having washed my hair) I would scratch my head — over and over again it was so itchy and inflamed.  Don’t get me wrong — raw apple cider vinegar is a very powerful and nutrient dense ingredient.  It most definitely has its place in a healthy lifestyle; however, amounts/needs vary greatly for each individual.  If you use too much you may have adverse effects, and using too little can be equally as damaging.  Morrocco Method takes the guess-work out of your regimen and I love their own version — the award winning raw Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo.

That’s when I knew something needed to be done.  Just as I was working so hard to make sure I nourished my body with a variety of food — my hair deserved the same treatment.  My hair had truly been ignored.  INGREDIENTS matter.  VARIETY matters.  BALANCE matters.  Our scalp and hair are hungry for nourishment — and this nourishment cannot be found in water alone, or ACV, or baking soda, or chemical shampoos.  So, where do you find it?


Ingredients Matter!


Where Do You Get ’em!?


I stumbled upon the natural, raw, vegan, and gluten-free line of hair care by Morrocco Method in December of 2013. Their shampoos, conditioners, and restoring elixirs are made with only wild-crafted ingredients that are designed to not only nourish but detoxify your scalp and hair.  To say the very least, their products truly saved my scalp.  After only a few washings my scalp was restored.  My scalp didn’t hurt anymore, the redness went away and the dandruff cleared up.


It has now been about 3 years since I started my Morrocco Method hair care routine, and I am thankful!  My hair has completely transformed in more ways than one.  From the very beginning (even before giving up chemical shampoo) I had missed the point.  Your hair, just like any other living thing, must be nourished in order to thrive and be healthy.  Morrocco Method’s ingredients are so amazing!  With a variety of natural botanicals, marine proteins, herbs, and 92 trace minerals you are feeding your scalp everything it needs to be balanced, rejuvenated, and revitalized.  A healthy scalp will lead to healthy hair.  Morrocco Method’s synergistic blend of non-toxic and non-allergenic ingredients is what your hair has been waiting for!

You strengthen your body with exercise; you count on whole-foods to nourish your immune system; don’t use hair care and beauty products that will hinder your quality of life.  Stick to real, natural, raw products that will supplement your family’s healthy lifestyle — make the choice today.


I have had the pleasure of using all five of Morrocco Method’s shampoos, as well as the beginner series (Gold & Silver) elixirs.  My intention is to fully review these products in a separate post, as they deserve attention all on their own.  Their shampoos have cured my scalp problems, and the elixirs have given me thick and full locks that I never thought I’d have.    I find it valuable, if not necessary, to first understand how important quality is in anything that you consume or apply to your body.  Remember, nourishment is key — and I invite you to start your very own natural hair care journey with Morrocco Method.


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