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Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Pieces, Pumpkins, Trees, Eggs, Hearts… haha!  The Hershey Company has done a fantastic job of making sure that no matter the holiday, and no matter the shape — they can fill a chocolate shell with the ooey-gooey goodness of peanut butter.  But let me ask you folks, what would you say if I told you that your all-time favorite chocolate candy — has been improved upon!?

An imposter you say!?  No way.  Made healthier?  Yes!  Nut-allergy free?  Indeed!  Made into something that you could truly feel good about indulging in?  Most definitely.

Here’s why —

While most of us have a nostalgic love for good ol’ PB — we must face that it can be problematic in some diets.  First of all, peanuts are not nuts — they are legumes.  If you’re following a Paleo diet or one that seeks to fulfill ultimate nutrition — peanuts may not rank very high on your list.  Peanut allergies are also one of the most common.  A recent study (funded by FARE) indicates that in the US the amount of children suffering from peanut-allergies has more than tripled from 1997-2008.  If you choose to be legume-free you can satisfy that “ooey-gooey goodness” addiction with other butters — namely, almond butter.  Cashew butter?  Pecan butter?  Whatever you desire!  BUT nut allergies are a huge deal to some people — tree nuts in particular.  Allergic reactions can range from very mild to severe.  I for one, experience a stuffy nose when I eat too many nuts.  According to the folks at FARE (Food Allergy Research Education) — an allergy to tree nuts typically lasts a lifetime.  Only 9% of kids grow out of their allergy as they become adults!  Guess what that means?  Not a lot of peanut butter or almond butter cups goin’ around — at least not ones that support and nourish your body!

But imagine this — being tasked with the need to create a “peanut-butter cup for everyone.”  Could it be done?  The folks at Sun Cups rose to the challenge!  In addition to being peanut and nut free, Sun Cups are gluten-free, GMO-free, certified kosher, organic, and all natural by using cacao from Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms.  Oh, and they are soy-lecithin free as well…try to find a chocolate that is!

Enough already…so what do they taste like?  What varieties do they have!?

The incredibly nice people at Sun Cups sent me four packs to test out.  Shown below — their Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Mint, and Dark Chocolate.


Maybe you’ve seen them in the grocery store before — they look tempting.  But I bet you want to see a picture out of the packaging, huh?

stacked up

Of course what’s great about these little cups is what they’re filled with…am I right?

sunbutter cups line up

Sitting at the base is the decedent 70% Dark Chocolate cup — filled with creamy roasted sunbutter.  So what is sunbutter exactly?  Just what it sounds like!  Roasted sunflower seeds are ground up, ground up some more, and with their natural oils — you end up with a creamy textured filling that has a deep nutty flavor with a hint of salt.  It’s awesome stuff!

According to Nutrition Data sunflower seeds are an excellent source of thiamin, Vitamin B6, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, manganese, selenium, and Vitamin E.  Peanuts; however, provide only niacin, folate, and manganese.  What’s interesting is that sunflower seeds actually have a higher amino acid score — meaning that they are closer than peanuts to providing your body with all 9 essential amino acids — making sunflower seeds a better source of protein!  Sounds like these little Sun Cups pack much more of a nutritional punch than their PB-filled counterparts.  That is a candy you can feel good about eating!

dark choc bitten

If you’re not into sunbutter — no problem!  Sun Cups have created a caramel and a mint filled cup.  The caramel cups are made with the same organic ingredients — the filling is not overly sweet (like some caramel can be).  It is rich, but smooth, buttery, sticky and delicious!

caramel bitten

I know this post has been all about the greatness of sunbutter…but I gotta tell ya…I think the mint-filled cup was my favorite!  Made with the same fair-trade, organic, and high-quality 70% dark chocolate — these cups are paired with a heavenly match — a crisp, cool, and sensational minty core.

mint bitten    mint from the top

Well, don’t take my word for it — give them a try and see for yourself!  Even if you don’t have a sensitivity to peanuts or tree nuts — Sun Cups have earned their place!  The delicate, slightly salty, roasted sunbutter is one of a kind.

stacked up2

Whether it be for a little something sweet after dinner, for your kid’s lunchbox, stocking stuffers at Christmas, or an “I’ve had a rough day pick me up treat”…these Sun Cups won’t disappoint.  “Finally, Chocolate Fun for Everyone!”

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