Run, Burpee, Run Workout

Life isn’t all about recipes, cooking, and eating, you know.  Yep, I have to remind myself of that sometimes!  When you make working out a habit; though, it can be just as fun as eating a slice of cake…or at least as addicting!

I like this workout and wanted to share it with you.  With warmer weather in mind I have been making trips to the park for running — time to give the treadmill a rest.  Now, I am not one to coach others into running endless amounts of miles with weight loss in mind.  Lifting weights, and even walking are just as important in meeting your goals.  I do like to have days that are a little heavier on running — it’s just what works for me — and this workout does the trick.  Think of it as a great opportunity to stay outside and get some much needed sunshine!

This workout is brought to you by Carrots n’ Cake.


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