Halloween Round-up 2013

Halloween is among us!  I searched the internet high and low for some spooktacular recipes to celebrate.  I gotta tell ya — we’ve got some highly creative paleo bloggers out there!!  Due to work — I unfortunately will be unavailable for Halloween.  🙁  So sad…I know.  But we took care of our celebration early and I want to share with you some of my favorite October 31st goodies!



These Mummy Potatoes are the coolest thing since the other side of the pillow.  They might have to be modified (sweet potato vs white) or a healthier homemade meatball & sauce recipe can be substituted.  But they sure are cute all nestled up in their cheese string bandages!


These Spider-Web Cupcakes could be made with any one of your favorite paleo-approved cupcake recipes… even the frosting could be changed up.  The design is a cute idea…and the plastic spiders give it that extra spooky touch.


For something a little more savory and snack-like you cannot go wrong with these classic Wicked Witch’s fingers!  Yikes!  They look super cool all green and twisted.  They truly give me the heebie-geebies.


For the more adult crowd — give this Pumpkin Fudge a try.  These twins sure know how to make baked goods.  They surprise me weekly with new things that plantains can do.  Anyone who is a huge fan of plantains are A-Okay in my book.  I will clarify — this awesome fudge doesn’t have plantain in it — just a side note about the Purely Twins!


Okay, for another snack to satisfy your savory and sweet tooth at the SAME TIME — you’ve gotta try this Pumpkin Granola.  I’ve pretty much made it SEVERAL times because I can’t get enough of it.  For gifts I put some of this pumpkin granola in small clear mason jars and put orange and black Halloween ribbons around ’em.  Excellent!


For something really quick and simple — these Autumn Chocolate Bites are perfect for guilt-free candy to hand out to the kiddos.  Plus they look really fancy — perfect for a party platter.


Okay two more — top of my list this season for hands down THE BEST Pumpkin Chili goes to the folks over at Health-Bent.  They are amazing and this chili is incredible.  Chili is my favorite food, so what I am saying must be true.


Last, but not least.  I made some pumpkin truffles for our Halloween Potluck at work.  They were a hit with most people (the ones that know anything there is to know about anything).  I followed this recipe, but left out the coconut oil out…and I snazzed them up quite a bit.  I decided to top each truffle with a single pumpkin seed and a sprinkle of bourbon black walnut sugar.  A small sprinkle of course salt would be great as well.  Aren’t they pretty!?  I accidently left the coconut oil out, and instead it was poured into a recipe that didn’t call for coconut oil.  Aye…the problem with multi-tasking!  Both recipes turned out great — enjoy with or without!

Happy Halloween everyone!!  May your night be scary but healthy and safe…most importantly full of laughter and fun.

Speaking of laughter and fun — here are some shots from our very own pumpkin carving session.  Enjoy!

I free-handed this owl on my pumpkin. Yup.


My finished owl pumpkin! More cute than spooky. 🙂


Jason with his finished pumpkin.


Ooohhh!!! Or should I say…”Hooowwwwll?”


She was being a good girl — not even getting into my maroon mum.






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2 Responses to “Halloween Round-up 2013”

  1. Kelly says:

    Thanks for including my autumn chocolate bites, Jennifer 🙂 🙂
    I love your pumpkins and I hope you guys have a fun Halloween!! xoxo Kelly

    • jennifer says:

      You are more than welcome…THANK YOU for a wonderful blog! I love your recipes and workouts. I made your pumpkin spice cookies this season as well — terrific!! 🙂 Take Care!

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