Weekly Menu 5/5 – 5/13

How do you guys shop for groceries?  Do you shop on days when money is available?  On your days away from work?  How about a weekly routine — every Saturday morning?  For my household it’s pretty sporadic.  I shop on days that I am off and that can result to any day of the week.  Every once in a while I go on long stretches of work — and have to get a lot of food all at once (as is the result this week).  So how do you say compliant and make sure you don’t grab that quick weeknight burger?  You plan!!


Because this week will be so busy I won’t be creating any of my own recipes, but making some from all the folks I trust.  We usually have a handful of things we eat on a weekly basis, just because they are easy and simple.  What are your go to favorites?

This week is extra special for two reasons.  One, I am in the midst of completing a Whole30 with my sister-in-law and so extra sweets and paleo baked goods are off limits.  You will only see a very clean menu planned for this week.  It is a shame too because I received my copy of “Gather” yesterday…and as ya’ll know — those Food Lover’s can really bake it up.  Don’t worry!  There are tons of recipes worth trying in there that are completely Whole30 approved.  The second reason this weekly menu is awesome — I will be preparing not only one, but two recipes from their “Takeout, Fake-Out” menu.  Stay tuned!!

As I mentioned, most of these recipes are from blogs I look at online or cookbooks I own.  I will link to recipes where I can, and for the others I will notate where they come from.  If you want me to post the recipe/pictures of the version I make just let me know and I will gladly oblige.


Sunday:  Hasta La Vista Pasta Lasagna, from Everday Paleo 

Monday:  Mushroom Gravy Slow-Cooked Rump Roast with mashed cauliflower, from PaleOMG

Tuesday:  Tuna salad with avocado & bacon over kale/spring mix (one of our favorite throw-together meals)

Wednesday:  Sun-dried Tomato Chicken Bake w/ Green salad and diced mango, from EverdayPaleo

Thursday:  **I will be out of town — visiting Austin for the day — I am certain I can find paleo eats there**

Friday:  Caraway Chicken with Belgian Endive, from Everyday Paleo

Saturday:  Wanton Soup with Steamed Spring Rolls & Sesame Dipping Sauce, from Gather

Sunday:  Steaks (I’ll see what they have on sale) and sweet potato fries (another go-to favorite each week)

Monday:  Pork Ribeyes with Brussels Sprouts Slaw (this can be one of your favorites too, so easy!)


As I mentioned before — if you see anything above that you want the recipe for just let me know!  I will gladly post it.  Here’s to a good long week of good food!


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