Appetite is Back on 21DSD – Day 2

I don’t know about anyone else, but when it comes to eating badly — ya gotta do it “right” or don’t do it all.  Another way of putting it would be: win, or go home.  I can admit, because I am sure I am not alone in this, that when it comes to overeating — it only happens when the food in question is not good for me.  I will gorge on cookies, gorge on cheesecake, gorge on nachos…but not mashed cauliflower.  And for those of you that don’t already know — mashed cauliflower is amazing.

So why not the guilty addiction to foods that are good for us?  For an emotional eater like myself…it could be anywhere from the comfort I find in eating food to the proven addictive-like behaviors that come from eating such foods, namely sugar.  Regardless of the reason, after just two days of cutting out sugar I feel an honest appetite coming back.

I know when I am eating a good deal of junk my priorities get all out of whack.  I start finding myself eating just because…because it fulfills something…I can’t even put a finger on it.  At the same time, I’m never truly hungry.  I feel bloated and my stomach hurts constantly…but I eat because it fills some weird void that I get from eating badly in the first place.  I have come a very LONG way from those kinds of feelings.  And for me, the key is eating well.  As long as I’m following a clean lifestyle those addictive tendencies don’t sneak back in.  So, not only are there emotional ties for me — but it’s obvious that eating clean/whole foods helps this process along within your body.  Quitting sugar altogether is just an added bonus.  My mood has been positive throughout the day, and as I mentioned before…I’m actually hungry!!

I mentioned in my previous post that I had been going without breakfast.  Not this morning.  I woke up starving instead of guilty.  Quite a nice feeling.  Breakfast @ 5 am was three strips of bacon and a fried egg with hot sauce.

eggs and bacon

Lunch came around — and not soon enough!  I was so hungry.  At 1 pm I was fully prepared with leftovers from dinner — pollo con salsa roja.

I actually had energy to make dinner, folks!  I feel normal again, and I love it.  I made the chorizo meatballs from Practical Paleo along with some mashed cauliflower.  I actually felt hungry enough that I could have gone to town on that mashed cauliflower…but I’m sure Jason will want some when he gets home.  I couldn’t eat it fast enough and it was fantastic.

chorizo meatballs with cauliflower

Well, that wraps up day 2 and I’m as pleasant as ever.

I did have a few instances where I craved some dark chocolate today — I quickly thought of something else — now I’m here, and day two is in the bag.  No sweat.  🙂

Interested in cutting out sugar from your diet for a while?  Visit Balanced Bite’s 21DSD page and get yourself signed up.

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