Here We Go — 21DSD

Well, history always tends to repeat itself.  Detoxing is no exception.  My resolutions always start a tad later than most — but they work for me and that’s what counts.  Every year my resolution or goal re-set begins around the second week of January — this allows for me to celebrate my birthday in whatever way I choose — and then I am ready to stick strongly with whatever I need to get done.

I have never been one to tell a lie — not even to you, folks.  My diet has been incredibly poor lately.  Through the midst of lots of stressful situations and holiday fun I let myself derail quite a bit.  Speaking of which…I let myself go quite a bit yesterday (which was the last and final day of Bday hooplah.)  Do I feel guilty?…Heck no.  In fact,  I have to share a few things with you:

Jason and Kyle surprised me with a trip to Austin for the day.  Our first stop was their farmer’s market downtown.  I purchased some beautiful little carrots and some jalapeno turnips.  The coolest thing about this particular farmer’s market is that they have home-brewed kombucha on tap.  Yup.  The company’s name is Buddha’s Brew, and I was excited to go home with a jug full of my favorite flavor – Ginger.

disregard the dumb look on my face -- I was rather excited.

disregard the dumb look on my face — I was rather excited.

The other cool highlight of our farmer’s market trip was a vendor called Dai Due Butcher Shop.  They were serving food there, and I was absolutely blown away by their lemon grass chicken sandwich.  Yup, you read right — I had a sandwich!  Bun included.  I don’t EVER do that…but I do love and appreciate food, and other than the bun this sandwich was completely nutrient dense.  The chicken sandwich was smothered in pate, topped with pickled mushrooms, mint, and cilantro…not to mention the sauteed lemon grass.  Amazing.  Absolutely amazing.  Worth eating the bun?  Considering I haven’t had a sandwich in 2 years and probably won’t again for another two?  Yes.

Another naughty situation — but oh, so worth it —  for dinner I had sushi for the very first time.  Very FIRST time.  We ate dinner at a restaurant that fills up quickly in Austin.  Apparently one of their most loved locations – Uchi.  I was nervous at first… I really was.  As a matter of fact, without even having other sushi as comparison — I know that this sushi was top notch.  We had an array of different rolls — crunchy tuna, yellowtail, salmon… all were out of this world.  Really the only part that was truly non-paleo friendly was the white rice.  I didn’t feel too bad about that.  And being able to try sushi for the first time was completely worth it.

But alas…all great things must come to an end.  I’ve derailed enough…and it’s very common to give in every once in a while.  I am happy to report that my sister-in-law, Rachel, will be completing the 21DSD with me.  I am excited to see how she feels after giving up a few things for a while.

I have created my menus so stay tuned for lots of new recipes as well as some of my favorites from fellow bloggers we all love.

As always I love making you a part of my food journey, so I will post each day on here as I have before.  The daily posting is two-fold, not only do others who are trying to detox get some support…but it holds me accountable!  I know that I have to be strong — for ya’ll.  😉

These are my intentions:

  • I will complete a 21DSD — that means 21 days of my normal paleo diet, along with limiting all sugars.  The limitation of sugars will include any that are added to condiments, etc…as well as the limitation of those that occur naturally aka no honey, maple syrup, fruit or even starchier vegetables such as sweet potatoes.  Sadly enough, the 21 days will be completed w/o any kombucha either.  I will clarify that when it comes to cooking —  items like red wine will not be used, but something like balsamic vinegar in a marinade or dressing is allowable.
  • After the 21 days are up — I will continue with a Whole30.  I will re-introduce fruits and starchier veggies.  The Whole30 will continue as long as possible — and will NOT include even paleo-approved baked goods or treats.  Clean for as long as possible.

The longest I have gone w/o any sort of “cheat” if you will — was three months.  That is including no paleo desserts.  I want to try to go 6.  I think I can do it.  I have gone years w/o gluten…I have gone years w/o all the normal things I used to love eating like pizza, pasta, burgers, etc…so I truly believe I can go a full 6 months w/o even a paleo dessert.  I am going to try very hard.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my first day.  It’s gonna be a piece of cake — uhhh a piece of steak.   Yeah, that’s better.

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5 Responses to “Here We Go — 21DSD”

  1. Wow, Jennifer, impressive goals! I look forward to hearing about how it goes for you. I’m on day 15 of my 21DSD but being that I haven’t completed a full 21 days previously, I went with the softer rules allowing for a green apple or green tipped banana on many days, 8oz of kombucha a few times a week, the use of some coconut flour and 1/2 cup sweet potato on the days I run (I am half marathon training). My detox has excluded nuts so far though as they don’t seem to agree with me. You inspire me to step it up a notch next time! Good luck girl!

  2. jennifer says:

    This is my 3rd 21DSD, lol! Giving up the fruit isn’t hard for me at all…the kombucha and sweet potatoes are kind of a struggle for me though. I ate pretty badly over the holidays so we’ll see how well I do. It’s only day 2!

    Hope your detox continues to go great for you — btw I love the way you put geletin in your soup the other night. I never thought about doing that, very interesting. 🙂

  3. sacha foxx says:

    You can do this!!!!!!

  4. Nicole says:

    Were you able to go 6 months? How was it?

  5. jennifer says:

    Nicole — 6 mos would have just ended in the beginning of August…and the answer is no! Much too hard, or more so…unrealistic. 6 months of clean paleo eating is easy, but 6 mos of not even one allowable slip is a whole other thing. I HAVE had paleo baked goods and can’t say I regret a single one lol! Thanks for checkin’ up on me. 🙂

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