Christmas Menu and Round-up

It is Christmas Eve!  As the year is coming to an end I am realizing how much I am truly blessed.  So many things have happened this year, and I owe nothing less than constant praise!  I know everyone has their family traditions – Jason and I have started to create some of our own.  This is the second year that we are spending Christmas away from home and our loved ones.  Sometimes it is nice to celebrate small — with just the one you love most.  This year I planned to keep dinner pretty simple since it’s just for two.  I planned to keep things simple until….

Until this bad boy came to be.  My parents ended up visiting us for an early Christmas celebration and surprised me with one of the best gifts ever!

kitchenaid mixer

I’ll tell you – no cook’s kitchen is complete without one of these.  Needless to say, my simple Christmas meal turned into “Oh my goodness what the heck can I bake?…and then bake next?…and while that’s in the oven then what!???”

So today I will amuse myself with my new gift.  In case any of you are planning food items late in the game — here are a few things I plan to make.

Now don’t worry — some of these I have already made this season and had great luck with them.  It is a shame not all of these recipes could be made with my beautiful mixer…don’t think that I am making all of these in one day!  All of the above would make great additions to your holiday menu.

Speaking of which, for Christmas dinner this year we are keeping it very low-key.  After much thought we have decided to prepare a ham.  We toyed with the idea of lamb or turkey, but I’ve just really been craving ham!  Not to mention…think of all the great things you can do with a leftover ham bone!  Oh man.  Collards, here I come!  I will be posting my ham recipe tomorrow, which will be a very special one because it involves the secret ingredient my pen pal sent me this month.  You’ll have to wait to see this one!  Along with our ham we will have some roasted sweet potatoes and green beans.  Simple, huh?!  Well, apparently I’ve got to save lots of room for all of these sweets.

I hope all of you spend lots of time with family and find yourselves being very merry!  Here in Texas I am not afraid to quote George Strait’s song, “For Christ’s sake; it’s Christmas!”  Give Him all of the glory and be blessed in your new year!


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