Turnip Hashbrowns

I am off from work today!!  Yessssssss!  It’s funny how much I cherish these days.  It’s not that my job is all that bad or that I hate being there; I just love being home and doing the things that I love.  Of course that includes cooking.  Today is no exception!!  For anyone following my weekly menu you might have noticed that some things changed up a bit.  Due to a schedule change (ugghh, damn work)…we are NOT having a spiced pork shoulder tonight, but instead some braised short ribs!  Grass-fed BUT OF COURSE.  I will post about that later, but for now I wanted to give ya’ll some insight to a nice little Paleo-friendly breakfast option.  I have mentioned before that our breakfasts usually consist of dinner leftovers or simply eggs and meat.  Well, on days like today when I am off and have slept in beautifully I wake up and feel like something special. 



**I have never measured this I really just go by random tasting and it totally depends on how much you make.  I make this for only myself on some mornings and others I make a few turnips to feed Jason as well.

  • Turnips, grated (I would reccommend one turnip per person)
  • 1 tbsp. pastured butter or ghee
  • Spices: salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, smoked paprika



  1. Peel your turnips and either use a hand-held grater or put them through your food processor.
  2. Heat butter in a large skillet over medium-high heat.
  3. While skillet is getting really hot, pile your grated turnips into some napkins or a towel because you want to squeeze as much excess moisture out as you can.  Turnips hold a lot of water so you need to do this in order for them to resemble hashbrowns.
  4. Once moisture has been removed, dump turnips in the hot skillet and stir to coat with butter.
  5. Add all spices to your liking, and with a spatula spread the turnip out in an even layer.  If you have too much in the pan (where they are piled on top of each other they will not dry out…they will just steam and stay really soft).
  6. Let them cook for while, stir frequently and you’ll notice they start to toast up.  Always keep them spread out in a single layer.  The entire cooking process won’t take longer than 7-10 minutes.

Once they’re cooked to your liking add some bacon strips on the side and pile some fried eggs on top, yes, with hot sauce dang it and enjoy.  They are sweeter than white potato hashbrowns, but not as sweet as sweet potato hashbrowns…they’re perfect and amazing in their own way.


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