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Today is a very exciting one for me.  I have been waiting for this day!!!!!  That’s right — Day 1 of vacation.  It could not have come at a better time.  I have mentioned over the last few posts that work has been a bit different for me lately, longer hours and just a lot going on.  I am going to be away from the workplace for 9 glorious days — and I plan to make the most of every single one of them.  Sometimes it helps to just be mindful — I want to put effort towards sleeping in, resting, and playing.  Worry free and stress free for nine whole days!!!  Wooo hooo!!

So what do I have planned?  Well, first off I am flying to my hometown where I will stay with my folks for a day or so.  Luckily my parents are very keen on not eating bread.  My mom and dad are not “paleo” by any means, but they keep their bread/grain intake very low and my mom has always promoted eating real food.  She always cooked.  Vegetables and salads are not scarce with dinner, so eating something satisfactory to my lifestyle won’t be difficult at all.

As for the rest of the vacation — well that’s going to be on a whim.  We are driving (yes, driving!) out to North Carolina to see my brother and his beautiful family.  For those of you that may have never been to North Carolina — let’s just say they’re big fans of cornbread and front porch sittin’.  haha  No, but really…it will be somewhat of a challenge to follow paleo guidelines at every meal.  I shall do my best, as always.  My family, of course, does respect that I eat a little differently so I am sure it won’t be an issue.

I want to take this time to introduce to you a really cool feature on the Food Lover’s website.  They have a forum for all things paleo, and one of the threads created is Paleo by City.  Through this forum you are able to click on a particular city and find resources like restaurants, farmer’s markets, etc. that can assist you if you find yourself visiting!  What a perfect resource for travel!  I was very excited to see that there was already a thread created for Asheville, NC — which is where I will be spending some time.  How cool huh?  I remember visiting Asheville last year… my folks wanted to go eat dinner somewhere and so I busted out my trusty phone and googled “paleo friendly restaurants in Asheville, NC” — of course this nifty forum from the Food Lover’s wasn’t yet created.  A few options did pop up for review – one place was called the Tupelo Honey Cafe.  It was very good, in my opinion.  I remember coming home from my trip and doing my best to re-create some mashed root vegetables I had as my side that night.  They were amazing!!  Needless to say, my parents didn’t like the place.  The food was great, but I don’t know…I guess the small and crowded building along with tattooed & pierced servers rubbed them the wrong way. Hey, ya gotta love Asheville!

Anyway, if you find yourself traveling…or simply want to add some feedback to your own city please visit the Food Lover’s forum.  Through out the drive we are stopping in Mississippi for a night and driving through plenty of other states – so I will put this resource to good use!  The sad thing is that the state of Texas is so freakin’ big that over half of the trip will be in our own damn state!  I do love Texas, though.  Oh, speaking of which — I am flying out of Houston later today and we will be visiting a restaurant called El Meson.  Jason and I stumbled upon it looking for paleo things in Houston…so we will give a try.  Who knows, if it is worth mentioning I might add it as a recommendation to the Houston, TX thread on their forum.

Gosh, these paleo resources are becoming so main-stream.  I love it.  It’s catching!!!!

I am off —  Vacation here I come!!


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