Weekly Menu & Whole30 Day 29

I know what you’re thinking…we gave up on the Whole30.  Nah, didn’t give up on it…just gave up on blogging about it.  I got lazy in my picture taking and honestly my schedule with work just hasn’t allowed me to give much attention towards food.  Over the last 6 days I have had a lot of canned salmon, lots of apples with almond butter on late nights, and of course my eggs and bacon.

You’d be proud of me.  On Day 25 I had a more interesting breakfast.  Fried eggs on top of leftover brussels sprouts.  I love brussels sprouts in the morning with eggs.

Let’s see…lunches…lots of salmon cakes.  Lots of beef patties, and lots of salad.  Dinner one night was ground beef with shredded cabbage, another night was flank steak with roasted sweet potatoes, another was slow-cooked pork roast with turnips, etc.  The next morning I had scrambled eggs with turnips — that was pretty good as well.  I told someone at work that I had eggs and turnips for breakfast and they looked very shocked.  So very shocked.  It’s fun to shock people, don’t you think?

Speaking of what people say at work…  so one day this week I am enjoying a salmon patty on a bed of greens for lunch and a co-worker says, “Jennifer, you’ve been eating this way for a really long time…like a really long time.”  (He also has commented that I eat rabbit food, which is just ridiculous because rabbits don’t eat bacon, but whatever.)  He said, “are you still eating this way to look different or are you just doing it to be healthy?”  I replied, “to be healthy.”  He went on to say, “Well, don’t you feel bad for what you’re missing out on?…can’t you just eat a cheeseburger and then go running?”  A million thoughts running through my head…but I simply reply with, “ahh, well…it doesn’t really work that way.”  He goes on, “I just couldn’t do that…I’d miss all this great food…etc.”  It really is frustrating sometimes.  Where do I even start?  The knowledge that people have towards food and how their body responds to it is sooooo far gone.  It’s just years and years and YEARS of the wrong information being given that it seems it will never come to an end.  It’s overwhelming, really.  I’d have to say 80% of people you talk to are STILL under the impression that the name of the game is calories in vs. calories out… thoughts about digestion, blood sugar regulation, or hormonal reactions within your body in response to food is not even something that’s considered.  We still have a very long way to go people.

Anyway, yeah I suck I don’t have any more info for you over the last few days.  Our Whole30 is pretty much over and I will probably write a post about my final thoughts.  For now, I realized that I have not given you a Weekly Menu in quite some time…

I have amazing news in that we are finally back to a normal schedule at work.  Do you know what that means?  That means I get two days off this week instead of only one!!  Yay!  That’s so exciting.  Today is grocery day, and I will be getting the goods to make the following:

Tuesday:  Stuffed Mushrooms with Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Wednesday:  Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf with Broccoli-Cauliflower Casserole

Thursday:  Orange Braised Beef Shanks

Friday:  *this is not yet determined.  It will likely be steaks with salad — have to see what they’ve got goin’ on at the store price-wise.

Saturday:  Firey Jalapeno Buffalo Burgers with Salad

Sunday:  Slow-cooked Beef Brisket

That’s what we’ve got goin’ on for the upcoming week.  A few details might change, but it’s pretty set.  Most lunches will consist of canned salmon with salad.


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