Whole30 Day 21 with Pesto Shrimp & Squash Fettuccine

My day off was amaaaaaaazing.  I could not have asked for more.  A good day to me is one where you get a crapton done, and every time you look at the clock it’s still early.  Those are the best!

I can’t believe we have completed Day 21 already — this thing is really flying by.  I have been giving some thought as to what Day 30 will mean…what it may lead to.  It’s stupid, really.  Day 30 or Day “now” …the decisions you make are YOUR’S.  I try very hard to make it known that eating this way is something you do all the time because you choose to.  In fact, when people at work …or wherever… ask me if I want something (and that something be non-paleo) I usually say, no.  When they ask why not…I say, “ehh I just don’t want that.”  I try very hard to never say, “I can’t have that.”  Because that’s not true.  I can eat whatever the hell I want.  Regardless of this blog and what it means to me…or my goal to eat “paleo” and yes, I put it in quotes.  None of it matters…unless you view it as something you choose to do to better your body.

I cannot stress enough that this truly is a lifestyle choice.  Paleo is not a fad diet, sorry.  You can eat what is considered paleo — aka whole nutrient-dense foods for 30 days…and if you’re coming off a SAD will you lose weight?  Absolutely.  I will bet money on it.  Go another month, maybe two more in a row…will you drop the pounds like nobody’s business.  Oh hell yes.  Start going back to your old ways and will you gain it all back?  Without a doubt, yes.  So why do it?…unless you’re prepared to do it for good.  Decide that you want to live longer.  Decide that you want to save money on healthcare when you start getting older.  Decide that you want your quality of life to just be better…sleep better, feel better.  Those are the right reasons to do this.

Okay — on to Day 21…3 weeks!

Breakfast was NOT the usual!  Although it was pretty damn close.  Instead of bacon I had a pork chop along side some fried eggs.  Of course I had my little mound of raw kraut and beets.  Black coffee.  I woke up around 8:30, but did not eat this until 11:30 am.  Brunch I suppose.

Around 5 pm Jason and I went running.  I ran one mile and my legs were just killing me…right above the knees.  So I kicked off the shoes and went another mile barefoot…gosh what a difference.  My legs didn’t hurt at all.  It felt sooooo much better….but now my feet are bruised up a bit.  That’s okay…they’ll get tougher.  Being able to go faster and not have my legs hurt is worth it to me.  After our run we stopped by Jamba Juice.  I got a small Berry Up-Beet.  I have drilled the employees there.  They probably think I’m weird…but I let them know that they better not freakin’ be lying to me about what all is in their smoothies.  I said, “tell me exactly down to the last ingredient – what is in this, or it’s your life.”  Not really that last part, but I did want to know.  Apparently it is solely berries, and beet juice.  Better be.  Re-fueled with that while we prepared dinner.

Jason was awesome and deveined the shrimp for me.  He’s quicker at it than me…probably because I look at every one twice just to make sure and he really doesn’t care.

Dinner was outstanding.  I made another dish from Practical Paleo — Pesto Shrimp & Squash Fettuccine.  It’s super simple.  You use a vegetable peeler on the squash to get ribbon-like noodles.  The pesto is made with typical ingredients — nuts, cilantro, and olive oil.  I cooked the shrimp in some ghee and seasoned with cumin, salt and pepper.

After dinner I stayed up late watching Mad Men and ate some apple slices with cinnamon and almond butter.  I probably need to cut that out.

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