Whole30 Day 17 & Troubleshooting Why I am so Freakin’ Tired.

Is it day 17?  Did I skip a day?  No.  I am pretty certain I am blogging about day 17 — today is Day 18, but you know me…I back-track often.  With the way work has been lately — I swear I am surprised I know the difference between shit and wild honey.  My days have been running together; in fact, yesterday I seriously thought it was Tuesday until around 9 pm.  That is when a complete stranger set me straight.  Good news is that it is already Thursday!!  Yup, the end of the week approaches…and soon this whole busy period at work will come to an end.  We have got about another week or so for it to calm down, and then I will be freeeeee!!  Has my mind already wandered over to some sort of food celebration?  Pfft, what do you think?

I am certainly an emotional eater, and typically stress is what brings me to make bad choices.  If I get too stressed I seem to shut down a little bit and get lazy.  A paleo woman must never be lazy!  We must cook!  Ahhh the world of sandwiches and cereal…so long gone…so very long gone.  I don’t miss them one bit — I do miss the ease of not having to cook sometimes though.  But that’s what stirfries are for…that’s about as easy as it gets.

I am still trying my darndest to get used to eating more…  I still think I need to.  It is just hard for me…if I am busy doing things and I am not exceptionally hungry then I’m not going to eat.  I feel mentally like I eat enough — but I am still struggling with some energy issues.  For instance, yesterday (Day 17 — you will see what all I ate in a minute)…but I woke up and had breakfast, worked out, had a small lunch…and I was absolutely BEAT by 3 pm.  The shitty thing is that I had to be at work at 2:30 pm and stay there until around midnight.  My sleep has been decent, 8 hours is not hard to do for me.  So if I’m getting enough sleep, and my diet is good as far as quality…then why am I hardly wanting to move?  My legs always feel shot.  Last week I worked out (don’t remember what I did) — and then took two days off…after two days off I went for a run and my legs just started killing me.  It’s like I am not getting my energy restored very well, and the only thing I can think of is that I am not eating enough to accommodate my activity level, or I just need to stop working out.  I work out around 4 days a week — 20 minutes usually.  I just don’t think that’s over-doing it…BUT I do not think it’s normal to get so run down.  Yikes.  Troubleshooting the body — it’s like a shot in the dark.  Some solutions seems pretty simple, but you just have to give each of them a try and test how you feel.  Trial and error.

Maybe you can be the judge?  Here’s what I ate on Day 17:

Breakfast was around 9:30 am.  My boring usual.  3 strips of bacon, 2 fried eggs on top of some sautéed kale, and a little side of raw fermented beets and red cabbage.  Black coffee.

Around 11 am I had a banana and then went for my run.  I ran a mile, and then on the way home I alternated between walking and sprinting.  Once I got home I did some rounds of push ups and some knees to elbows.

Around 2 pm I had a mustard-glazed chicken leg with about 1/2 cup of some pumpkin sprinkled with some cinnamon.

The next meal I ate was around 7 pm — dinner at work.  I made the Beef & Mixed Veggie Stir-fry from Practical Paleo….oh, man it was good.  I had a pretty good helping of that….maybe around 2 cups if I had to guess.

Yup, and that is my entire day.  So….I don’t know.  I always thought a good way of guaging whether or not you were eating the right amount was to just go on when you are hungry.  In other words, eat when you’re hungry and just don’t when you aren’t.  That’s pretty much the rule I go by.  What’s so great about these Whole30’s though and the people who participate in documenting what all they eat — is that you can somewhat use them as a comparison.  It seems that everyone is always snacking!  Maybe I need to snack?  Any suggestions would be helpful!

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2 Responses to “Whole30 Day 17 & Troubleshooting Why I am so Freakin’ Tired.”

  1. Jess says:

    I am just like you…. On day 15 now. I know this is an extremely late post but how do u feel after the whole30? Do u still do it now?

    • jennifer says:

      Hey Jess! Haha yes, this particular Whole30 came and went a while back ago, but my energy levels have improved very much. As I mentioned in the post — trial and error is the only way to determine what works and doesn’t work for your body. What I have found out (over quite some time) is that carbs are extremely important for me. I think I fell into a “carbs are the enemy” kind of phase for a while and my hormones really weren’t being supported. I have learned that what seems like a lot of carbs, might actually be what someone needs in order to feel energized (especially if you’re active). Some folks don’t need as much; while others notice lots of improvement when they bring more back into their diet.

      As for how I am eating now — I follow the 80/20 principle pretty well. Whole30’s are great (in my opinion) for folks that are starting out to make changes to their diet. It helps eliminate foods that may be problematic and also helps set an overall standard of what you should be eating. But for long-term usage I find that what works for me is adhering to a “Whole30” type way of eating during the week (Monday – Friday) and then letting go a little on the weekends. It helps me keep my sense of deprivation down, and allows me to continue enjoying some of the things that I never wanted to give up. 🙂 There are a slew of reasons as to why you may be experiencing energy issues, but I hope you start feeling better soon. 🙂

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