Whole30 Day 6 and Gorging on Meat

Okay so remember earlier I said that we were too poor to eat steak?  Well….  let’s just say when I’m really craving something I find a way.  I have seriously gorged on meat today…but eh, worse things have happened.

So I’m being perfectly honest here…this is the way I eat.  I don’t know why…but my appetite is usually very stable throughout the day in that I don’t get that hungry.  I can go long hours without eating, but when I eat…I eat.  I really am not sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  All I can say is I just do what feels natural to me, and that’s about it.  It is interesting to see that a lot of people snack throughout the day, eat several small meals, or even some snacks along with the standard three meals.  Well, for me, here’s a look at day 6…

Breakfast was the same as usual, but I was off from work today so it was a little more than usual.  Breakfast was at 10 am: three strips of bacon, two fried eggs, and a few slices of avocado.  Black coffee on the side.


The next time I ate was about 3:30 pm.  I had a banana before I had a workout.  Jason and I went to the park.  I did a mixture of sprints, legs to elbows, pushups, and some jump-rope.  Came back home and Jason did a few curls for the girls while I worked out my thighs for the guys.  Then, we ran some errands.  That is when the purchase of my dear steak took place.  They were on sale!  I can never resist sales on meat.  Not grassfed of course, but that’s okay…two big ol’ ribeyes.

Earlier this morning I put a rack of grassfed beef short ribs in my slow cooker.  Dinner started around 7:30 pm and here’s what it looked like.

First, I started off with some ribs.  They were slow cooked with a coffee & paprika type rub.  They were outstanding.  By the way — this is Jason’s rib plate, my plate looked like crap…but I only had TWO ribs if that helps.  haha!

After I scarfed down my ribs I had a humungous ribeye steak.  My steak alone weighed in at about 2 pounds.  Jason seasoned them perfectly with his classic steak marinade.  I’m pretty sure he does something different every time…but hey, he has his fun.  He did grill them to perfection I have to admit.  Alongside my huge steak I had a small side of sweet potato fries.  The mound of fries would probably look a lot bigger if the steak wasn’t stealing all the glory.

And there you have it folks!  Day 6 is over with and my belly is full of meat.  Not a single vegetable today…ehh, maybe tomorrow.  🙂

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