Whole30 Day 5

Day 5 was definitely a bacon kinda day.  I ate bacon at every single meal — not intentionally.  Usually when we are running out of food in the house…it seems like there is always three things left: bacon, eggs, and salad.  So… throw ’em all together.  I’m fine with that.  I picked up some chicken breasts that were “Reduced Quick Sale” so that was no big deal.  Again, we’re working through the week waiting on some more money to eat!

It’s funny though because it seems that every person I talk to — doing my darndest to convince them to try a Paleo lifestyle for just 30 days…always has the SAME objection.  The very first one is not from an honest concern.  The real objection in everyone’s mind is that they don’t want to give up food that they’re addicted to, but they don’t vocally use that one first.  First they state an objection that they think will be universally understood:  …”well the thing is…see, I ummm just don’t have enough money to eat Paleo…it is so expensive…I simply can’t afford it….”  Not true folks.  Sorry.  I think about it all the time when I see my bundle of bananas go across the converyer belt…they weigh and scan in at like 90 cents.  Do not tell me you cannot afford a bundle of bananas over a bag of chips.  Do not even try!

Anyway…so here we are still poor…throwin’ meals together.  But trust me, we’re not poorly nourished.

Breakfast around 7 am: didn’t bother taking a picture.  Same as the other days.  I ate one hardboiled egg with a banana.  Drank my coffee black.  Wasn’t hungry again until around 12 pm.

12 pm lunch break:  I made a salad at work.  On a bed of mixed greens I added my second hardboiled egg, three strips of bacon, carrots, cucumbers, and drizzled on some olive oil.  Finished the salad off with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.  Delicious!  You can’t get much cleaner than that.

Now dinner was a different story.  I ended up finding those cheap chicken breasts so I splurged and bought an avocado and a beautiful little orange heirloom tomato.  Dinner was around 6 pm.

I cut the chicken breasts in half lenghwise and opened them up – like a book.  I sprinkled some salt and pepper on both sides and then seared them in a skillet with a little coconut oil.  About 6 minutes a side, the second side I put a lid on the pan just to make sure they were cooked all the way through.

Once they’re cooked just stuff them like a sandwich with whatever you want.  I actually put a little bit of stone-ground mustard, some greens, tomato slices, bacon, and some avocado.  Close up your chicken breast like a sub and go to town!

For dessert I had some apple slices sprinkled with cinnamon and some almond butter.  Didn’t take a picture.  Gobbled it up while Jason hogged both the computer and the TV.  Not really sure what I was doing…just thinking to myself on the couch I guess.  I zone out a lot.  hah.  I guess all that hard thinking got me hungry again because….

Around 8:30 pm I started craving something salty.  I wanted a steak sooooo bad.  Random right?  Well, we’re poor remember?  Like I said, no steak.  Still had bacon and eggs though so I ate………..bacon and eggs.  Yup.  I was freakin’ hungry…don’t know what else to tell ya.    Didn’t take a picture of my shameful second dinner.  Hah!  I’m kidding.  I’m not ashamed…it was great and kicked the salty craving I was having.  Pretty much hit the sack after I ate it.  Watched some more White Collar on Netflix while I was in bed….that guy is pretty darn good looking.


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  1. Tarah @ What I Gather says:

    It’s literally a chicken sandwich 🙂 I have to try that!

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