Beef & Spinach Stir Fry with Kelp Noodles

Attention!  If you have not tried kelp noodles yet, they are a must.  If you live a grain-free lifestyle and you’re looking for some sort of noddley-something-or-other…look no further!!

I have seen a lot of hype on the ol’ inter-web about these marvelous mineral-rich noodles and I have been planning to give ’em a try.  The vegetables that we eat are only as nutrient rich as the soil they grow in, and that can be pretty lacking now days.  Sea vegetables; however, spend their time in a potent nutrient dense bath!  Sea vegetation is not very common among the standard American diet — and some of these trace minerals may never find their way into your body.  Getting your hands on some seaweed varieties will ensure that you are eating your fair share of these nutrients…kelp is the most readily available.  If you want to read some more about the benefits of eating sea vegetation refer to this article on Mark’s Daily Apple.

I purchased my kelp noodles from my little natural and gluten-free store Village Foods.  The brand they carry is Sea Tangle and they come at a very affordable price.  So, these things are available, and they don’t cost a lot…but how do they taste?

They’re awesome!  Jason and I were extremely pleased.  They have a good flavor and mostly take on the flavor you give them in the dish.  My favorite feature of these chewy-like strands is the additional texture they add.  I am a huge fan of stir-fries, but serving them over cauliflower rice doesn’t always hit the spot.  Cauliflower rice can retain a lot of moisture, and when you’re looking for some sort of sturdy texture to cradle a good stirfry…well, these kelp noodles will do the trick.  You’ve gotta give ’em a shot.

Since I never cooked with them before I decided to trust someone else’s hard work.  Trust me, after trying them out my head is swarming with ideas!  They will post soon; I am sure.  Tonight I made this stir fry recipe that features kelp noodles from Nom Nom Paleo’s website.

I followed her recipe for the most part — only changes were in quantity of items I had on hand and I added some fresh ginger in with the garlic.  I did not have coconut vinegar — I used white wine vinegar in its place.  I did not have coconut aminos — I typically use tamari because well, coconut aminos are too darn expensive!




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