Paleo Perfectionism & Strawberries!!

I can eat fruit again!!  Holy cow I didn’t think I would miss it that much.  It’s funny how you get used to tossin’ a few blueberries in your salad or snacking on an apple with almond butter after dinner…then, when you aren’t eating those things you realize something in your world is missing!!  Of course every time I went to buy groceries I ran into the most beautiful pieces of fruit I’ve ever seen.  Gosh darnit!!!  Anywho, our 21 DSD has come to an end — leaving both of us better off.  There’s something about doing without that seems to put things back in perspective.  Food that is natural and nutrient dense is so wonderful on its own, and it’s shameful, really, to fall into episodes of wanting other things.  I know that it is humanistic, and that we’re fighting against so many factors that entice and captivate us.  I think it’s good to have some fluctuation; however, because once you eat foods that are less than par you notice how badly they affect your body.  It doesn’t take long before you’re wanting and craving those nutrient-dense foods once again to feel…well, normal.  I for one have made somewhat of a pact with myself.

Whatever type of personality you want to call it — whatever letter grade you want to assign…I’m one of those all or nothing type of people.  When I’m eating really well; I am eating REALLY well, no exceptions.  On the other hand, when I’m in a slump of making poor choices I make REALLY bad ones.  Call me a food addict, but sometimes I just can’t quit!  While eating really well is a great thing — there is still an amount of deprivation that takes place.  At first I handle it like a champ, but over time if I don’t have that little bit of wiggle room bad things really start to happen.  This is something I am going to work on, every single day.  I want to be better about letting the little things go.  I want to strive to focus on the big picture and allow these small discrepancies to take place rather than getting to the point that I completely de-rail.  Again, this will take a conscious effort on my part…but I’m willing to work on it.  As obvious of a thing this is, to even me, putting it in practice is a different story.

A recent article posted on the Balanced Bites website got me thinking about it.  The article applies more toward teaching others about a paleo/nutrient-dense diet; however, I think we can all be guilty at practicing Paleo Perfectionism from time to time.  If there are certain goals that you’re working toward it is easy to get caught up in knowing exactly what you need to do to get there and beating yourself up over a mistake.  The key is that a healthy lifestyle OVERALL is what counts.  I am not ashamed to admit that most of the time my goals tend to be vanity based, and that’s just not the right way to go about it.  Again, that’s another humanistic tendency.  To drive the point home — it’s not how perfect you are at what you eat 100% of the time; it’s not about the several indulgences you give in to during a stressful time…it’s the fact that you know the difference between good food and bad food and you make it a priority to choose wisely.  I’m not going to beat myself up anymore.  Hey, I may eat 7 slices of cheesecake in one night…but at least I only do it once or twice a year!!  See, there’s always a silver lining ;).  Oh, check out the article “Are you Paralyzing Others with Paleo Perfectionism?” by Balanced Bites — if you’re new to the Paleo diet you may find it helpful for coaching your friends and loved ones to jump on board with you.

I’m certain other people have done this before, but it hit me for the first time last night.

After dinner I made us a little treat.

Took some fresh strawberries and dipped them in some melted coconut butter.

Stuck them in the freezer for a few minutes until the coconut butter was hardened.  Maybe I just haven’t had fruit in a long time, but they were absolutely splendid.  I was thinking a great variation would be dipping the strawberries in coconut butter and then rolling them in shredded coconut.  I gotta tell ya…clean and simple desserts are still really rewarding.

What about you?…what do you like to eat for a simple dessert?  If you are crazy about coconut butter like me — how do you generally use it?

A dessert doesn’t get easier than this — these were truly delicious.

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