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Smokey Oven-Baked Ribs

If there’s one cut of meat that can be intimidating to cook — it’s ribs.  Especially here in Texas.  Folks are crazy about their family secret methods in preparing the best “fall-off-the-bone” ribs.  Well, fear no longer!  I have a really easy recipe for you — and trust me; they are fantastic ribs!  I made […]

Brussels Sprouts Slaw with Apple, Kraut & Bratwurst

Last Thursday we took a day trip to Austin, Texas.  We spent the day just enjoying the fact that we were away from work and the same ol’, same ol’.  While visiting we hit up a slew of paleo-friendly eateries and really went home with our bellies stuffed!  Probably didn’t have room for that serving of […]

Chorizo & Sweet Potato Jalapeno Poppers

Sometimes I enjoy eating breakfast for dinner.  Other times I enjoy a ribeye steak and 1/2 a dozen cookies.  Haha more often than not I do make good solid dinners (meat accompanied by vegetables) but why not live it up every once in a while?  Tonight’s dinner was all about party food!  Hey, a bunch of […]

Honey-Glazed Ham

I suppose it’s my paleo pen pal tradition at this point — waiting until the very last minute to make my post!  This month has been somewhat of a tough one because of an extra long “to do” list with Christmas around.  This post is extremely special, because not only does it feature my pen pal’s […]

Sausage, Mushroom & Fennel Pesto Pizza

There is a lot to say about this pizza — just look at the name!  It’s been a while since I have had the time to come up with any recipes, much less do any sort of posting on the blog.  Stay tuned for this amazing pizza recipe, but first let me give you a […]

Whole30 Final Thoughts & Stuffed Mushrooms

Well folks, we have done it.  Thirty entire days of very clean eating.  I do apologize for my lack of inspiration over the last week or so.  As I have mentioned many times — work really had me goin and goin and anything extra in my life just had to take a back seat.  We did keep up […]

Whole30 Day 16

Good Lord…today has been full of amazing food.  Currently I am watching episode after episode of Mad Men on Netflix, but I will take a quick break to recap on Day 16.  This Whole30 is absolutely a piece of cake — except of course, there’s no cake.  I gotta tell you — I am a firm […]

Turnip Hashbrowns with Biscuits & Sausage Gravy

Tonight is the start of our ultra comforting Breakfast for Dinner week.  Tonight was such a long and rainy day…I couldn’t wait to come home and just do nothing.  Unfortunately, a run was calling my name and dinner wasn’t going to make itself.  It’s not even 7pm yet, and I have got it all done.  […]

Bratwurst & German No-Potato Salad

Who’s tired of salads?!  Not me!  We have had such a great week.  It was so nice coming home from a long day of work and just throwing a quick salad together.  I hope all of you have tried some of these out.  I’ve got yet another one for you today.  Still running a little […]

Asian Pork Salad with Sesame-Ginger Dressing

We are currently on night #3 of our Meal Deal Salads week.  For anyone new to my blog — we are in the process of a themed weekly menu.  The voter’s had their way – evidently folks want salads.  Not just any salads, but ones that you can eat as an entire meal…one big plate, […]

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