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Run, Burpee, Run Workout

Life isn’t all about recipes, cooking, and eating, you know.  Yep, I have to remind myself of that sometimes!  When you make working out a habit; though, it can be just as fun as eating a slice of cake…or at least as addicting!

A Day of Rest

Today, my friends, is a deserved day of rest.  I did; however, have a very intense workout yesterday that I did not get to post.  Until now!  Seems pretty easy, but trust me it had me giving all I’ve got.  Again, everything is being done as fast as possible while keeping good form and being […]

Push Ups, Squats, and Box Jumps

Still keeping up with it.  I woke up this morning to my alarm going off at 8 am… really didn’t want to get up.  Had good sleep last night; the bed was just too comfortable.  I quickly shut the alarm off and set it for 9.  One more hour wouldn’t hurt, right!?  I began to […]

Pull-Ups? Maybe one day.

Hey folks!  I promised I would be more dedicated with my workouts and I have not let you down!  I really did not want to move my body today.  I woke up at 5 am and went to work.  Left work at 2:30 this afternoon and immediately changed into my workout clothes.  I knew that if I didn’t come home […]

The Start of Some Serious Dedication

I realize that I have been contributing to this blog for quite some time now yet I have failed to provide you with the necessary balance.  What balance am I talking about?   Fueling your body with nutrient dense foods, supplementing with things like bone broth and fermented products, getting enough real sleep every night…those are […]

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