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Paleo Oven-Baked Fried Chicken

One of my favorite pre-paleo indulgences was a good ol’ bucket of fried chicken.  Who doesn’t adore taking a bite out of a chicken leg that is flavorful and juicy on the inside — while being crunchy and flaky on the outside?  Ugh..heaven!  Now that I avoid gluten, and most grains — I don’t frequent many KFC or Popeye […]

Herbed Chicken Salad

One of my stand-by meals each week is chicken salad.  Not only is it easy to prepare, but you can make a large batch of it.  We enjoy having it on hand through out the week for quick lunches.  If you have a favorite gluten-free bread recipe you can make sandwiches with it.  Our favorite […]

Chicken Curry Tacos with Cabbage & Cucumber Slaw

Here I have been…living in the paleo world for two years…and never experienced pure coconut wraps!  Well, thanks to my February pen pal, Arlene, I have found a new favorite.

21DSD – Day 1

Your first day should be a pretty memorable one, right?  Ehh… I gotta say, not too many temptations worth mentioning today.  Truth be told — I have let my diet slide just enough lately that I was completely ready for a change.  I know how great it feels to eat well, and I am ready […]

Chicken Chili

This dish only became chicken chili after I tasted it.  I truly had no plan… all I knew was that I had to work all darn day and needed something to eat when I got home.  I had thawed out some chicken…and then what… Sometimes those throw together type recipes are the ones that turn […]

Turkey Pot Pies

Yep, you know me…always late in doing everything.  I am just now getting to use my leftovers from Thanksgiving — much less post anything about them.  Here’s how it went when I was a kid: we had our Thanksgiving meal for lunch, and then for dinner everyone came together and ate the infamous turkey sandwiches.  […]

Whole30 Day 5

Day 5 was definitely a bacon kinda day.  I ate bacon at every single meal — not intentionally.  Usually when we are running out of food in the house…it seems like there is always three things left: bacon, eggs, and salad.  So… throw ’em all together.  I’m fine with that.  I picked up some chicken […]

Roasted Chicken with Smokey Cinnamon Rub

Holy cow…I’ve been making a lot of desserts!  I just noticed that the last few recipes I’ve posted have been sweets…aye, how dare I? Well, here’s the thing… ol’ Kyle got himself a beautiful KitchenAid mixer and we’ve been forced…forced I tell you, to eat cookies and banana bread…and yup…cheesecake.  Very first cheesecake I have […]

Roasted Vegetable Salad with Chicken & Goat Feta

Alright this is the last night of salads!  You can make this dish with any vegetables you have on hand so it’s really versatile and you can use different cooking methods for it.  This salad of veggies would be great grilled, but I used my broiler.  I will also say that I am in love […]

Pumpkin Cashew Curry over Coconut Cauliflower Rice

Only two days of vacation left!  Noooooooo!  That’s okay though; it’ll be nice to get my schedule back to normal.  Routine is a good thing.  I received my work schedule for the upcoming week and I have already started planning our Weekly Menu.  We’ve got some good things to come, as well as a much […]

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