Cauliflower Fried Rice for Breakfast

I mentioned in my previous post that having my cauliflower fried rice for breakfast is truly a wonderful experience.  Every time I make this rice as a side I always make sure to save some for the next morning because it is out of this world with fried eggs.  So in case you want to try it for breakfast OR dinner let me give you the goods!



1 head of cauliflower
1/2 a red onion, diced
3 cloves of garlic, minced
~ 2 tbsp. of fresh basil, chopped (you can use 1 tbsp. dried if you want)
1 tsp. garlic powder
salt and pepper to taste
1 egg
2 tbsp. coconut flour
3 tbsp. coconut oil



1.  Chop head of cauliflower into medium sized florets, and steam until softened (not mushy soft).
2.  While steaming cauliflower, cut up and combine your onion, garlic, and basil into a large mixing bowl.
3.  Drain cauliflower and add it to your mixing bowl.
4.  Now include all of your spices, along with your egg and coconut flour.
5.  Take a potato masher and mix all together until cauliflower florets break up into a rice-like consistency.
6.  In a large skillet heat your coconut oil over medium heat.
7.  Add rice mixture to hot skillet and stir to coat.
8.  Cook, stirring often, for about 10 minutes until the cauliflower has dried up a little bit and has browned.


Now, if you want it for breakfast…

Do all of the above except ADD BACON!!  I like to chop up some bacon (around 3 strips a person) and cook it until it’s crispy in a large skillet.  If you are making this rice specifically for breakfast then crisp up the bacon and omit the coconut oil to fry the rice in.  Keep the bacon in the skillet and use it’s grease to fry up your rice.

Now the last part that makes this absolutely insane for breakfast are the fried eggs.  There’s something about the runny warm yolk combined with the sweetness of the coconut flour in the rice…it’s amazing.  Fry up two eggs in some coconut oil and lay ’em on top of your bacon and rice.  Jason had this for the first time with me this morning.  I usually make this for myself when he’s away so I can eat most of it, but whatever I was nice today.  He moaned and groaned and probably won’t let me make it without him again.  He said it reminded him a lot of your classic potatoes and eggs – which we all know in the Paleo world cauliflower is a great substitute.


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