Whole30 Day 2

Day 2 has come to and end.  As I mentioned before, this way of eating is pretty close to what I do on a regular basis, but with a Whole30 going on I will not be able to turn to any sort of treat at the end of the week or anything.  I am perfectly fine with it though…feelin’ good!

I really do think that following a Whole30 regimen all of the time is the best way to do it…a good program to create a lifestyle around.  I have completed the 21 DSD before, several times, and that is definitely a lot harder to do just because you have to give up a lot more.  I am still continuing to keep my carbohydrate count up which seems to work really well for me.

So here’s what Day 2 looked like:

Breakfast was around 8 am, and I had an hour or two before reporting to work at 10 am.  In this time I threw our dinner in the crockpot and goofed around on the ol’ inner-web.  Fun!  Breakfast was an omelette made with some leftover kale and mushrooms — topped with hot sauce.  Along side, 3 slices of un-cured bacon and of course some coffee.  Today I had a dark French roast, and yup, drank it black.

Went to work — and around 12 pm I snacked on a banana (aka, nanner).  No picture.

Then came lunch around 3:30.  Lunch consisted of leftover pork from last night, but sliced on a bed of greens.  Salad was a spring mix with red onion and cucumbers.  Poured on a dressing of EV olive oil and a little balsamic vinegar.

With lunch I sipped on a kombucha.  Ya know, nobody else seems to go for the Original flavor, but it is outstanding.  I love it.  Nobody has ever said anything at work, but I wonder what they think when they see these in the fridge?  Bottles of tea with big ol’ loogies floatin’ around.

After work I walked over to Barnes & Noble to see if my copy of Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfalippo arrived.  Urgh, no!  They better get it soon because I’m completely pumped.  Maybe tomorrow.  Got home around 7:15 and dinner was ready.  Oh man, did the house smell amazing!  Best roast ever.  This grassfed chuck roast that I got from Wild Type Ranch was freakin’ awesome.  I cooked it with a new coffee rub I tried out, and topped the roast with an acorn squash cut in half.  Simple!  Jason got the large half and I got the small one 😉  It’s a man’s right I think…to always get the bigger piece, no?

After dinner we were watching a few shows that we have been into lately.  First off, Hell on Wheels and then we watched an episode of White Collar.  Snack time!  I don’t usually eat “desserts”…but ehh…get over it.  I have been trying to up my calories a little bit — as I mentioned on my last post — I have been under the sneaking suspicion that maybe I am not eating enough.  I usually do not count calories, not one bit, nor do I believe it’s even necessary.  In this case though, I have been curious as to how I’ve been doing.  Yesterday I calculated around 816 calories all day long…easily burned half that in my workout.  SO….we may need to work on fitting in some more snacks or maybe just having bigger meals.  The problem is that I really don’t get hungry.  I guess that’s fair though — when you’re listening to your body how can you go wrong?  I’d love to get some more feedback on this though, from anyone that may have an opinion.

Tonight’s snack was a small apple sliced and sprinkled with cinnamon arranged around some almond butter.  Hell yes!  Fruit that is higher in fructose usually doesn’t settle very well with me, so if I do eat it it’s typically at night when I don’t have to go anywhere, hah!

Looking forward to Day 3! Hope you are, too.

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