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Easter Sunday Brunch

Wow, I love holidays!  All of them!  I don’t know if any of you readers out there feel the same way I do, but I grew up with holidays being a big deal.  I can honestly say there wasn’t a single one that wasn’t celebrated in some way.  I think I get it from my […]

Pumpkin Pecan Porridge

I am sure all of you bakers out there have had this problem, especially during the Fall holidays.  You’re making a pumpkin pie or some other fabulous baked good that features this semi-sweet gourd-like squash…and you have some leftover.  During this time of year you can’t just find pumpkins, but they’re so amazing in both sweet […]

Turnip, Asparagus & Mushroom Hash

Can you honestly say that you get enough vegetables?  If you eat a vegetable at dinner, even if it’s a wide variety…that’s not enough.  You say you love vegetables and you can name off all the ones that you enjoy…but do you really eat them enough?  There’s a strong chance that this is not the […]

I Wish Everyday was like Sunday

Today has been so pleasant…all day long.  Sundays usually are…I love them.  I think that’s a universal thing.  I woke up this morning with some really peaceful feelings.  I know that I have a tendency to worry too much, and I am working on it…working on it so much that I worry about it!  It’s […]

Chorizo Skillet Breakfast Hash

One thing I take for granted are my amazing skillets.  You can practice cooking all you want, and some people, ahem like myself…have a natural knack for it.  But amazing food is very dependent on good quality cookware.  You can follow directions all you want, have the temperature at just the right setting, set timers…and […]

Fried Eggs over Green Chile Buffalo Burgers

Okay – I couldn’t even fit this entire line of excitement in the post title. This dish has a lot of hands-down amazing things going on.  Let me take a big breath so I can finally say it all at once….. Alright, so we are talking about organic & grassfed ground buffalo spiced with green chiles, formed […]

Stuffed Avocado for Breakfast

It’s plain to see — I am a planner.  Some people don’t deal well with that, but I make things happen.  I don’t see details; I see the big picture and plan accordingly.  The only problem with that is on occasion things pop up that are not easily worked around and then I get a […]

Stuffed Pepper Breakfast

By far my favorite meal of the day is breakfast.  Morning is the BEST time out of the entire day — when things are new, fresh, cortisol levels are nice and high and you’re just up for anything.  Maybe that’s why I always feel creative when it comes to breakfast food, most of the creations I […]

Cauliflower Fried Rice for Breakfast

I mentioned in my previous post that having my cauliflower fried rice for breakfast is truly a wonderful experience.  Every time I make this rice as a side I always make sure to save some for the next morning because it is out of this world with fried eggs.  So in case you want to […]

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