Gluten Free Raspberry Lemon Bars

raspberry lemon bars_featured

I have never been much of a lemon fan.  Sure, a squeeze of lemon in my water or in a vinaigrette –that’s great, but I’ve never considered lemon as something I care much for when it comes to dessert.  I’m much more of a chocolate or Fall-spice kind of person when it comes to baked goods. My husband on the other hand?…well, that’s a different story.  He falls head-over-heels for anything “raspberry-lemon” flavored.  We try so hard to share desserts, like at the Cheesecake Factory, for instance… but it’s hard because I want the Godiva Chocolate and he wants….. you guessed it …. the damn lemon raspberry one! Every.  Single.  Time. Yuck.

Easy Tomato Soup


A few years ago I posted a recipe for a Tomato Basil Soup.  If you have the time to create that one, then great!…the flavor (despite the horrid picture) is outstanding!  While that original recipe is legit in it’s own right; I have a few issues with it. Today I am posting up a new (easier) version — hope you like it!

The Best Salmon Cakes


I’m coming to you today with one of my all-time favorite recipes.  I honestly don’t know why I didn’t share this one sooner.  I make these salmon cakes on a regular basis — usually to help me have quick lunches for the week.  You can easily multiply the recipe to make more — and after you try them you very well might do that!

Ginger Molasses Crinkle Cookies


When I think of Christmas — two main flavors come to mind.  If you feel that your Christmas spirit is best shared through cookie swaps and late night baking sprees — you must master these two flavors.  Eggnog and gingerbread.  To satisfy my eggnog requirement I often turn to this bread loaf.  Sooooo good!!  But, my gingerbread skills still needed some work.

Braised Chuck Steak

braised chuck steak_featured

Every week I look for steaks at the grocery store.  They are my favorite to minimally season and cook up quickly in my cast-iron.  My last grocery trip; however, was made slightly sour when I realized that all of their steaks looked like garbage.  Yeah, you guessed it — I’m one of those shoppers that totally blocks and hogs up the meat section because I will literally look at and analyze every package.  It’s not my fault!  I have a history of meat judging; in fact, I don’t mean to brag — but I placed 5th in the state of Texas for judging beef.  Now I’m a bit embarrassed…

Watermelon Kiwi Protein Smoothie

Watermelon Kiwi Protein Smoothie_featured

I don’t know about you — but these warmer days definitely leave me searching for something refreshing!  Watermelon season here in Texas begins around April, and let me tell you — those beautiful melons striped in shades of green are in abundance right now!

Caramelized Kiwi Salsa

Caramelized Kiwi Salsa_featured

This is the time of year when fresh tropical fruits are just so beautiful and refreshing.  My local grocery store has been having some really great deals on kiwi fruit and I thought the perfect way to use it up was in a simple and versatile salsa.

Paleo Carne Guisada

carne guisada_featured

Hello all!  One of my all-time favorite Mexican dishes is carne guisada — it is basically beef stew meat that is slow cooked with spices in a gravy.  While carne guisada has always been a go-to dish for me I have stayed away from it for the last few years.  I adore a good carne guisada plate or taco, but knowing that the gravy is made with white flour I usually opt for the fajitas instead.

Citrus & Avocado Salad over Spinach

citrus and avocado salad over spinach_featured

It is citrus season here in Texas, folks!  Right now I am all about citrus — and nothing to me sounds better than coming in from the heat and enjoying a refreshing salad.

Kale & Apple Salad with Cracked Black Pepper Dressing

Kale & Apple Salad with Cracked Black Pepper_featured

The other day Jason and I visited The Cheesecake Factory and I had…you guessed it…cheesecake!  But that’s not all.  Despite how incredible their cheesecake is — the real highlight of my lunch was a kale salad.

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