Easter Round-Up 2014


I remember one Easter, in particular.  I woke up Sunday morning only to discover small white & pink paw-print cut-outs scattered around in the house.  My mom had strategically displayed them all around in hopes that my brother and I would believe that…”the Easter Bunny came!”

Bacon, Kale & Mushroom Pizza

bacon kale mushroom pizza_featured

If you ever feel the desire to experiment in the kitchen — pizza is the way to do it!  You can literally use your crust as a blank slate, and just have a good time with it.  Sometimes Jason and I like to each take one and do our own thing with it — then we reveal our creations to each other!  This type of night would be great for the kids.  Make smaller individual-sized crusts and let ‘em have at it!

Avocado & Strawberry Toast

avocado strawberry toast_featured

Spring is here!  I say that, but as I am here typing it is cold and rainy outside.  Geez.  What are you up to mother nature?  You’ve got us all confused.  At any rate, strawberries are readily available at the market and they look beautiful.

Easy Eggplant Lasagna

eggplant lasagna_featured

I remember the very first “paleo” dish I made around 3 years ago.  I do!  I remember it well, because it truly caught me by surprise.  Until then, I was naïve – I had never considered a lasagna having anything other than layered noodles.  The thought hadn’t even crossed my mind!  Once you boot noodles to the curb, a whole world of more nutritious possibilities opens up for you.

Sun Cups — Product Review

SunCups Post_featured

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Pieces, Pumpkins, Trees, Eggs, Hearts… haha!  The Hershey Company has done a fantastic job of making sure that no matter the holiday, and no matter the shape — they can fill a chocolate shell with the ooey-gooey goodness of peanut butter.  But let me ask you folks, what would you say if I told you that your all-time favorite chocolate candy — has been improved upon!?

Run, Burpee, Run Workout


Life isn’t all about recipes, cooking, and eating, you know.  Yep, I have to remind myself of that sometimes!  When you make working out a habit; though, it can be just as fun as eating a slice of cake…or at least as addicting!

Cabbage & Apple Slaw with Dried Cranberries

cabbage and apple slaw with dried cranberries_featured

Maybe if I create and blog about a cool & crisp slaw the weather will change?  Maybe?  Probably not.  …but I’m willing to try it.  You can try it, too!

Pork Shoulder Stew with Chorizo and Red Beans

pork_chorizo_red bean stew1_featured

Who’s ready for warmer Spring weather!?  I know I am!  Nonetheless, mother nature decided to throw another cold spell our way this last weekend.  Ice everywhere.  Urgh.  Someday soon we’ll be into spring veggies and fruits — cooler crisp salads and picnics, but that time just isn’t here yet.  For now, if it’s cold where you are — dig into this incredibly warm, hearty, and deeply flavored stew.

The 21DSD Cookbook Review — and Curried Chicken Salad with Apples Recipe


A few months ago I wrote a review for Diane Sanfilippo’s The 21 Day Sugar Detox Book (or guide).  In this guide you will find all the answers to your “why’s, what’s and how’s” when it comes to sugar.  What foods have sugar?  Why should it be limited?  How does sugar effect your body?  Once the back story on sugar is laid out — Diane invites you to take a look at your current lifestyle.  With an effective quiz, level guidelines, and resources/support you are able to determine if ending your relationship with sugar for 21 days is right for you.  The 21 Day Sugar Detox Book is a must-have to any sugar slayer’s collection, but that’s not all…  as I mentioned towards the end of my last review — there is now another player in the game.  The 21 Day Sugar Detox COOKBOOK!

Super Bowl Party — Top 10


Picture this — it’s Sunday afternoon and the big game is about to start.  Friends and family are gathered around the tube and everyone’s eyes are focused straight ahead — what do you need to make this picture perfect?  Finger foods.

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